Finally, Someone Has Invented a Pen for People Who Fidget in Meetings


Knock yourself out.

As if long, drawn-out meetings weren’t enough, there’s also that one fidgety colleague who’s always sitting in on your presentation, leg jigging and pen clicking ’til the bitter end. Thankfully, and in true Kickstarter style, there’s not only someone who feels your pain, but they’ve invented a fix, too.


The Fidgi Pen, which has raised a whopping $52,438 of its $15K goal, was designed with a few sneaky features for those who can’t sit still: sure, there’s the standard click feature (which we discourage using in intense meetings), but there’s also a tiny spinny top; a smooth dent in one side to keep your curious thumb occupied; as well as a ‘click switch’ that’s like a tiny, satisfying light switch. Don’t even get us started on the ‘flip clip’ that works on a hinge or the smooth rolling ball – basically, it’s heaven for anyone who needs to keep their digits busy. Take our money, Fidgi Pen.

Bridget de Maine

Staff Writer Collective Hub


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