Fierce Females Making Industry Inroads: Zulfiye Tufa


These women say, "Yes, we can."

A trained pharmacist and new mum, Zulfiye Tufa is more widely known by her moniker The Hijab Stylist, and for promoting accessible fashion for all.

What does ‘ladylike’ mean to you?
When I hear the word ‘ladylike’, it sounds like the stereotype of how a woman should act. Always polite, never too loud, incapable of farting and so on. It’s just not realistic, nor is it a holistic word that encompasses the true nature and capabilities of what it means to be a woman.

What change do you want to see?
More realness. With the rise of bloggers, there has already been a turn for the better… because it allows other young women to see themselves reflected in society. It would also be good to see larger companies who set and control trends take more responsibility in how they portray women in marketing and advertising. Not only do we need to use women who don’t fit the typical mould of a model, but there also needs to be a focus on more than just sexualising women and using us for good looks. Companies need to recognise their contribution really does impact how society views women, and often how women are treated as a result.


What do you want women to know?
To just be you is okay. Wherever you are at in life, whether you are happy or not, be merciful to yourself and allow yourself the space to grow as a person; when you do, you will start to see wonderful things transpire.

Photography Dan Knott; hair and make-up Sylwia Lukosz; H&M dress AU$29.99, H&M sweater, $39.99, H&M pants and top, $34.99 each.



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