6 Pieces of Genius Tech to Help You Sleep Better


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Stocksy_txp22020803GkP100_Small_217437Arianna writes about it, new hotels are built for it and, well, let’s just say we’re big fans. Sleep is a luxury not every busy entrepreneur is afforded but it’s a major contributor to overall wellbeing and productivity. So, if you know what’s good for you (and, by extension, your business), you’d do well to incorporate some of the below into your routine.

Here are a few of our favourite pieces of tech to help you catch some good quality shut eye:

Fresh out of Paris-based start-up Rythm, the Dreem headband and app uses five EEG wave sensors to sync your brain activity and uses sound stimulation to help you catch more zzzs. One-upping ‘white’ by harnessing the power of ‘pink noise’, the sound is comparable, so they say, to how your voice sounds when you’re wearing earplugs.

Promising to make a morning person of the most steadfast snoozers, this slick little alarm clock acts like a personal sleep trainer. It will sneakily skim a few minutes off your rise-and-shine time each day, getting you up and racing with your choice of wake-up call – tunes, podcasts, you name it, Kello has it.

JetLag Genie
Frequent flyers know conquering jetlag comes down to strategy. Input the country you’re visiting and this app creates a sleep-adjusting action plan, starting in the days leading up to your departure to ease you into a new time zone. It will tell you when to wake up, go to bed, take a nap, sit in the dark, get some sunshine and change the time on your watch mid-flight.

White Noise App 7
Now in its seventh version, the most popular white noise app on the market has over 500,000 active users – a day. As well as pre-programmed sounds including hairdryers, rain and cats purring, users can now upload familiar sounds from their lives, which play on a loop. It works on the premise that consistent, regular noise masks unexpected sounds that would otherwise cause you to wake.

Always wanted to doze off listening to some tunes, but found the whole situation too uncomfortable? Here’s your gadget. Designed for sleepyheads, Kokoon’s EEG headphones pair with their app to adjust their musical (or audiobook) output depending on where you’re at in your sleep cycle, pinpointing exactly the right moment to rouse you from your slumber.

The brainchild of self-taught coder and self-described “thunderous snorer” Jules Goldberg, this sleep aid uses soundwave technology to analyse a person’s snoring patterns and then suggests appropriate strategies to silence them. Nasal snorter? Try decongestants. Part-time snorer? Watch out for triggers such as alcohol consumption. To date, over a million people have downloaded the app. That’s a lot of grateful partners!

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