4 Ways to Deep-Cleanse Your Day-to-Day


New season, new you?

OK, it may not be spring but there’s something about a new season that gets us in the mood to purge. Whether it’s a dig through the legendary kitchen junk drawer or a wardrobe cull, we’re on board with a little Kondo-ing. Our new favourite thing, though? Taking a broom to our everyday life. We’re not just talking about finally resolving to make your bed on the regular or finding the fire to make yourself a green smoothie every morning: we’re talking about a deep cleanse of your day to day.

Here are our favourite ways to streamline our daily lives:

Write an irritation list
Are you more likely to write a complaint letter than a thank you note? Somehow, less avocado on your brunch plate is a stronger motivator to speak to café staff than an exceptionally good cappuccino – but don’t deny this silent motivator, use it.

Write yourself an ‘irritation list’: a place where you can freely complain and evaluate the things in your life that you don’t like and wish to change, then work on reversing it.

Notice how you talk to yourself
We all know the unwanted power of self-sabotage, so isn’t it time you start being a little nicer to yourself? While negativity might work for your irritation list, it doesn’t work as well when you turn it on yourself. Self-focused negativity never helped anyone – try these techniques to turn it around.

Don’t flit, focus
There’s no bigger enemy to a job well done than an inability to focus. At work, try and develop some every day methods for tackling deep focus tasks rather than keeping up the illusion that you’re successfully ‘multi-tasking’ (it’s a myth, by the way). Block out a few hours per week to get deep into the work you actually need to do and tip your colleagues off in advance, so they know not to bother you during that time.

Rethink your routine
Small tweaks and changes to your daily routine can equal huge improvements. It’s not about ‘saving time’, it’s about prioritising what you consider important. (This Ted talk will completely change your idea of how to find time for your favourite things in life). Getting your daily routine right starts with a great evening routine to prepare you for the next day, as well as making the most of your mornings before your work day even starts. Stick to it and you’ll soon reap the rewards.

Bridget de Maine

Staff Writer Collective Hub


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