4 Female-led Projects to Lend Your Support to


Come together.

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Seeing as International Women’s Day is seeing the Internet aflutter with support and high-fives for ladies, GoFundMe has chosen to showcase a few local initiatives aimed to support local women across the nation. These initiatives cover a range of social issues and deserve as much support as they can get.

Queens Castle
Mummy blogger supporting the creation of a safe house for young girls in Kenya
Goal: $75,000
Amount Raised: $200,000 (no longer accepting donations)

A GoFundMe was set up early last year by well-known mummy blogger Constance Hall in support of Rafiki Mwema, a charity that has created a safe house for young girls in Kenya who have been sexually abused and are in need of love, support and protection. Some of these girls have been sexually abused to the point of needing surgery, some even prostituted from two years of age. Constance, working together with Rafiki Mwema owner Sarah Rosberg decided to set up the GoFundMe to enable the charity to build the teenagers a new forever home, that they can feel safe in and continue their therapy. The campaign has proved that when women come together, to support one another, they can make some seriously amazing and groundbreaking change.

Help the Falcons buy new footballs
Women’s AFL club in need of 100 new footballs
Goal: $8,800
Amount Raised: $3,117

The Darebin Falcons, Preston’s local women’s football club, has achieved a lot since their launch in 1990. They are currently watching 16 players and one of their coaches in the AFL Women’s (AFLW) competition, which has been embraced and celebrated by the wider sporting and AFL community. With the women’s league building momentum weekly, the club has been overwhelmed by the number of women and young girls wanting to join up and learn how to play the sport. Unfortunately, the Darebin Falcons aren’t equipped with enough footballs to go around and are in need of 100 new ones to support the influx of new starters.

Save Sisters Day Out!
Workshop aimed at building resilience and self-esteem among Aboriginal women
Goal: $10,000
Amount Raised: $13,525

Sisters Day Out is a one-day workshop that engages with Aboriginal women, and in particular young women, for the purpose of preventing family violence by facilitating community networks to reduce social isolation, raising awareness of family violence and its underlying cause and impacts by providing information and tools to promote community safety. The workshop has reached over 7,000 Aboriginal women Victoria wide so far and they’ve created a GoFundMe with a goal of $10,000 to continue supporting them into the future.

Support Curvy Women Leaders Fashion
Woman creating fashion for curvy women leaders
Goal: $7,000
Amount Raised: $140

Rowena Burley has always dreamt to create new socially responsible fashion for curvy women leaders. She created a business, ‘The Elegant Executive Curve’, to combat the significant gap in the market for quality plus-size business wear for women leaders, after finding that more than 50% of the female market wear size 14 and above. She has created a GoFundMe with a goal of $7,000 to support the creation of her garments, for procuring fabrics, manufacturing locally by individual women artisans, photography, marketing and the lean team members relevant to the project.

If you have an idea and want to create a GoFundMe account like those mentioned above, head to gofundme.com


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