3 Ways to Attract Top Talent To Your Startup


Skip the job websites.

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Ask any successful entrepreneur what the secret to building a great company is and the answer you’ll most likely get is, “Great companies are built by great teams.” That’s certainly the case at Appster. However, as many will attest, recruiting top talent and building a great team is not as easy as it sounds. From our experience, there are several things you can do as an entrepreneur to make your company more attractive to top talent and get the best out of your staff.

1. Skip the job websites

It’s no secret that top people want to work with other top people. Or as Steve Jobs put it, “A-players only want to work with A-players.” Top talent are often driven by personal growth and therefore they look for environments where they can work with other similarly ambitious and talented individuals.

But you don’t find A-players on job websites or through recruitment consultants – one of the best ways to find them is through referrals from people you already respect.

But you don’t find A-players on job websites or through recruitment consultants – one of the best ways to find them is through referrals from people you already respect. Likewise, hire talent from companies you regard highly, or identify work you admire and backtrack to the people who created it.

2. Have a big inspiring vision

Just like the fact that most of Appster’s employees don’t want to work for just another app developer, top people don’t seek work at generic companies. It’s the big vision that inspires people and gives meaning to their work. The early Apple wasn’t just about selling personal computers; its goal was to make a dent in the universe by building tools that advance humankind. Likewise, at Appster we’re building a development hub where revolutionary ideas and entrepreneurial visionaries can flourish.

3. Remember the “No A-hole Rule”

To attract and retain top people, you also have to protect them. That often means zero tolerance for people who turn out to be manipulative, dishonest, belittling or egocentric, no matter the value they bring. This is also known as the ‘No A**hole Rule’. After studying hundreds of companies, Robert Sutton, who coined the term, found that failure to implement the No A**hole Rule can increase employee turnover, stifle communication and lower employee self-esteem and health. All of which are tremendously important to building a great team and company.  

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