‘I Side-Hustled For a Year Before my Business Got Off the Ground’


And now her start-up is thriving.

“I don’t think there’s any golden rule for how to juggle the two roles effectively – just get ready to roll up your sleeves, be disciplined with diary and task management, prioritise efficiently and maintain tenacity,” explains Jasmine Lindsay, co-founder of Australian lifestyle and bespoke sleepwear label, Jasmine & Will.

Originally focusing on luxury sleepwear, the brand introduced a range of lifestyle products in 2016; to complement the brand mantra of, “Live in style. Sleep in style.” Now, with stockists across the country and influencers as prominent as Nadia Fairfax sporting her wares, the brand has, after a considerable amount of time, became the example of success in the side-hustle realm.

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“I did the side hustle for about a year and slowly wound back my corporate role consulting part-time, and then I made the full switch earlier this year,” Jasmine tells us. “I was quite pragmatic about the transition from corporate world to full-time business owner. I allocated myself a start-up budget and time frame and the deal was simple – if I could turn the pyjama project into a feasible business which generated an income within that time frame then I would make the switch. And that she did – with the company now boasting turn over of almost $500,000 annually. “It wasn’t easy balancing the two but a deal is a deal and I’m not one to give-up when things get a little tough. It’s a wonderful feeling when you earn the ability to do what you love full time.”

Owing her cool transition from investor relations veteran to start-up-business-owner in large part to her dad, Jasmine sees strength in knowing how to work the hardest when it counts, “I think work ethic generally outweighs ‘book smarts’ when you’re running a business. I often think back to my younger years watching Dad working – he was humble, he was hungry and he was always the hardest worker in the room.”

This also rings true in Jasmine’s sensible and timely transition from full-time corporate-slash-side hustler, from part-time proprietor to round-the-clock business owner. Knowing when the market was ready for her to give her 110% has ensured Jasmine can safely and proudly call her passion her career.


“Jasmine and Will was a project that I originally launched in 2009 with my aunty Kaye Williams (hence the “Will”), but the timing wasn’t right – our personal and professional lives took precedence at that point. I decided to re-launch the label on my own in 2015 – the passion never left, the gap in the market still remained and I felt that my time in the corporate world had totally prepared me to run my own business.”

Not without personal and professional challenges, Jasmine looks to her nearest and dearest for support and encouragement when tough times hit.

“Like many start-ups, sometimes I would let self-doubt be a barrier for progress – you really have to be fearless in your pursuit. The best thing I did was surround myself with people who inspired and pushed me,” she says.

A true fashion entrepreneur, the former Dubai local now calls Sydney home again, recently adding a range of silk sleepwear to an already elegant and timeless collection, she sees sales continue to penetrate the market at about 20% per month. Now in a sharp growth phase, Jasmine understands that this will slow as they lock in stockists, and already recognises her peak periods for the brand as seasonal – with Christmas a key selling period and monogrammed PJ’s a staple for bridal parties.

“I’m so proud that I can call it my business and not my project any more – all the hectic days, late nights and lost weekends were worth it to take on Jasmine & Will full time and see the results of all that hard work.”


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