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If you haven’t yet heard, Collective Hub is entering 2017 bigger and better than ever. Since our first issue hit the stands four years ago, we have continued to bring you the inspiring stories of people far and wide, within our community, who dreamt up a game-changing idea, took a bold step forward, and said goodbye to the old way of doing things to create their own story. Not a company to stay on the paved road, we are venturing into new territory and introducing Collective101, a series of interactive and immersive masterclasses that will equip you with the tools you need to take your next step.

So what does this look like? To begin with, we are releasing a series of night classes within the next few months. Collective101 is where you’ll find every ingredient your own recipe for success might need – from digital marketing to legal patenting, not forgetting that elusive art of the perfect flat-lay, we’re offering a range of masterclasses spanning business, marketing, tech, creativity and wellness.

In our debut session, we get down to business: Growing Without Money, a session geared at growing your brand on a shoestring budget. Adding another activity to your schedule can be a bit daunting, we know, so below we reveal the five reasons we believe Collective101 is not your traditional up-skill course and why no matter what stage you’re at, there’s something for everyone.

More than fuzzy feelings 

While we are definitely in the business of igniting human potential, and we’re all for a daily dose of inspiration, when we put our thinking caps on late last year, we decided that we wanted to equip you with more than good feelings, but also give you a staircase to get there. With expert speakers and like-minded classmates, you’ll gain the transferable skills that will serve as practical guidelines to help you in day-to-day situations, prepping you for the good, the bad, and the ugly when starting your dream venture.

We phoned a friend (or two)

We could scour the globe for industry experts to come talk to you, but the truth is, they’re already our dear friends. For years, we have broken bread with the latest start-ups, praise-worthy intrapreneurs and out-of-the box thinkers, whose resumes and accolades place them on the world stage. Using this very contact list, we have carefully chosen teachers who are experts in their fields, and will draw on personal experience, as well as industry knowledge, to give you tangible takeaways, reality checks and a hit of inspiration, so you’ll be ready to dive face-first into the arena.

When we say ‘community first’, we mean it 

We don’t believe in just one way interactions. The key to success in any industry is to form relationships and network with other like-minded – or more appropriately, like-spirited – people who are on this journey together. Whether you’re just starting out in your entrepreneurial pursuit, or consider yourself a seasoned intrapreneur, meeting other people who are passionate about being high-achievers is the perfect environment. Not only that, but the classes will be held at Collective Hub HQ, a place where all the magic (and chaos) happens, so you’ll be able to feel what we like to call the ‘collective buzz’ as soon as you walk through our doors.

We want you to come as you are 

Unlike many courses and traditional cookie-cutter lessons, we are all about meeting our community and impacting them in their immediate spheres. Whether you are a newly-promoted CEO, or just starting out in your career, whether you’re looking to take the leap into your own pursuit or are looking to work your way up within your current company, we have geared our sessions to meet everyone’s needs, and hope that each class is filled with diversity and originality to bring new ideas to the mix.

We’re with you for the long haul

Unlike your usual, three-day intensive that slams you with information and bids you farewell quickly after, we allow you to choose your own pathway. Whether you want to choose a class here or there, or are after an intensive slot that will have you withstanding the test of time, Collective101 is flexible to your schedule. Not only will you be a key part in our community, but our magazines, website and events are also designed to keep you plugged into a never-ending current of resources, putting a realistic approach to life-long learning.

Ready to start something new, and arm yourselves with the tools and know-how to place you in the A-league? Choose what you want to learn at Collective101.

View upcoming masterclass dates here 

Nicole Webb

Staff Writer Collective Hub

Nicole is a Sydney based writer, who’s previously written for Harper’s Bazaar and Elle Australia. She has mused about everything from the world of haute couture, the Sydney music scene and newly founded start-ups.


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