Cool Celeb Side Hustles You Had No Idea About


Even celebs love a good side hustle.

Forget admiring these celebrities for their sprawling city lofts: these stars have plenty more to be impressed by than just what you might know them for. Have a look at some of the most creative (and surprising) side hustles of these superstars:

Emma Watson – eco-fashion Instagram page
Could this woman be anymore divine? This clued-in thespian has just launched an Instagram both indulging our love of perfectly pulled together outfits and our appreciation for conscious fashion called The Press Tour. The page chronicles her press date wares (including appearances from Stella McCartney and Filippa K), all with a view to championing labels that observe eco-friendly fashion. Our favourite? This organic Oscar de la Renta.

Akon – a solar lighting company
Singer Akon can now be known for something other than his chipmunk choruses: the American-Sengalese singer is also the proud co-founder of Akon Lighting Africa, which brings solar light to millions of Africans across the continent. In fact, Akon Lighting Africa has given light to over 480 communities across 15 African nations, with 100,000 street lamps as well an amazing 1200 solar grids installed, creating 5,500 jobs in the process.

Susan Sarandon – ping pong clubs
Sure, it’s a favourite among stop tech companies but we bet you didn’t know award-winning actress Susan Sarandon is the co-founder of SPiN, an underground ping pong social club launched in New York in 2009. Clubs now abound in San Francisco and Chicago, with two franchises set to open in Toronto and Los Angeles.

Jay Z – a venture capital firm
Jay aka Shawn Carter isn’t the only clever celeb to have invested in Uber (take Ashton Kutcher, Justin Bieber and Britney Spears for example) but he’s certainly got his head screwed on right when it comes to dishing out the dollars. The rapper is so confident in his investment skills, he’s looking to set up his very own VC firm. Sources have explained that Shawn is set to partner with VC firm Sherpa Capital, with a particular focus on seed investments with young start-up stars.

Lenny Kravitz – a boutique interior design firm
Why shouldn’t singer Lenny Kravitz capitalise on his obviously stellar style? In 2003, Lenny launched Kravitz Design Inc., a boutique design firm based in New York, which specialises in commercial and residential design. The firm has designed everything from show sets to private homes and even collaborated with starchitect Phillippe Starck for the modern brand Kartell.

Drew Barrymore – a wine label
In addition to her makeup brand Flower, actress and producer Drew is also a keen wino, who began rolling out a drop or two in 2012. Created in partnership with the Carmel Road Winery in California, her first vintage was an award-winning pinot grigio, which scored a gold medal at Le Challenge International du Vin in 2012, France’s largest international wine competition.

Bridget de Maine

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