10 Life Hacks For A More Productive And Positive Year


A more vibrant, conscious life looks like this.

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1. Go on a mystery trip
Who doesn’t love surprises? We think letting an algorithm plan your next adventure is genius. Travel start-up Jubel organises surprise holidays for users: you input you budget and preferences, then Jubel does as much or as little of the planning in secret, depending on how adventurous you’re feeling. Once on the ground, a sealed envelope reveals your next local spot and provides you with perfectly curated recommendations.


2. Have dinner delivered by drone
Partnering with the Australian aviation firm Flirtey, this year Domino’s Pizza will trial delivering orders by drone. The project has already been trialed in New Zealand where the flight laws allow it – and they’re not the only eatery to go high-tech. British restaurant Just Eat is now delivering orders with self-driving robots to beat traffic congestion.


3. Take a 21-day minimalism cleanse
As the minimalism movement continues, with the launch of the Minimalism film on Netflix, follow the filmmaker’s advice and embark on a 21-day journey to decluttering, both physically and emotionally. Every day is divided into categories – essentials, things, fears, relationships. Its creators believe that minimalism isn’t about having less, but actually making room for more.


4. Take fewer photos
Your Instagram obsession could be restricting your enjoyment, according to a study by Fairfield University. We’re not saying you have to go cold-turkey, but why not choose at least one event a week that you don’t visually document and see how the world looks through your eyes rather than a smartphone lens?


5. Wear waste
After the sell-out success of the Adidas sneakers made from sea debris, wearing recycled materials in 2017 will turn your outfit into a talking point. Whilst waiting for Adidas’ next collaboration with Parley, you can add other elements of trash to your wardrobe, like bikinis made from ocean trash and sunglasses made from recycled skateboards.


6. Take on a personal challenge
Follow Mark Zuckerberg’s lead and set yourself a one-year challenge. The Facebook founder’s goals have included reading a book every other week, writing one thank you note a day and learning to speak Mandarin. Think about a skill that you’ve always dreamed of developing, then make 2017 the year you rise to the challenge.


7. Learn the power of now
In 2017, The Power of Now author Eckhart Tolle will visit Australia to present a series of talks delving into his specialist subject: how to be more present. Can’t make the event or aren’t located in Australia? Revisit Eckart’s bestselling book and practise his tips for seizing the day by finding the gap in between your thoughts.


8. Get a virtual assistant
Although VAs are nothing new, their demand continues to grow, with the market expected to reach US$12.28 billion by 2024 (according to a new report by Grand View Research). If you want to succeed, you might need to solicit some help – so think about what you could outsource (and then release control of it). The Australian Virtual Assistant Association offers advice on finding the right help for you.


9. Hire a chatbot
In the world of online sales, chatbots are predicted to be big news in 2017, with Facebook announcing that its Messenger app will soon feature chatbots from third-party brands. Recently, Microsoft released a free toolkit to help developers build bots that enable them to chat with (and sell to) customers across a range of platforms including GroupMe and Telegram.


10. Join a mentor walk
First there was ‘sweatworking’ – networking while you exercise – and now mentoring is on the move too. Australian start-up Mentor Walks is a monthly series of walks that connects emerging talent with experienced female leaders. Although these events are held in Sydney, you could hunt one out in your own neighbourhood or simply organise your own. Whatever the case, don’t approach 2017 alone – create a posse that will help you be the best ‘you’ this year.

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