Where Great Thinkers go to be Enlightened


Part 3 (of 4): Lisa gets Real & Raw with futurist & Internet philosophy sensation Jason Silva.

Where do great minds go for information and inspiration? Where do great thinkers start their thought process? Where should you start if you want to expand your mind?

In the third video of a discussion series with Lisa Messenger, forthright futurist Jason Silva takes us through what’s on his bookshelf, what podcasts he’s tuned into and who inspires him, as well as where he’d most like to get out of his comfort zone.



This series is designed to dig a bit deeper with some of the biggest, most inspired minds across the planet, to discover who they are, how they got there and what really makes them tick.

Watch the full interview here:



Want more? Find out how Jason’s childhood influenced his creativity and why we can’t help being human.


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