We Are a Slave to Biology, and That’s Okay


Part 2 (of 4): Lisa talks rituals and growth with futurist & Internet philosophy sensation Jason Silva


We see people living these big, extraordinary, seemingly limitless lives, tackling the world and winning at changing it, but how are they doing it? How are they surviving, how are they thriving and what does their world look like behind the curtain?

As part of her Real and Raw series, Collective Hub Editor-In-Chief Lisa Messenger went beachside with global philosophy sensation Jason Silva to ask just that.

And what he said was profoundly, simply and (as always) magnificently eloquent…

This series is designed to dig a bit deeper with some of the biggest, most inspired minds across the planet, to discover who they are, how they got there and what really makes them tick. In this specific video, Jason opens up about learning to rest the hard way, facing burnout, continually showing up in life, how fear and anxiety actually grow with success, the concept of novelty and how not to get jaded in life.

“It’s a fact that if you don’t get enough sleep, you are not as able to regulate your emotions as effectively and if you’re somebody who can be an emotional creature, that is going to cause you a lot of problems,” he says.

“I have had to learn the hard way that I am embodied… I am a slave to neurochemistry, I am a slave to biology but I am also a product of biology and I am a product of neurochemistry. So, make friends with your body,” he suggests, “Make friends with your mind… work with your limitations and leverage your limitations for your own advantage. You must have to have as much rest as you have action.

“It’s a philosophical battle because part of my ethos is the dream of being unbounded intellectually, emotionally and physically – to have no limits. But unfortunately we have to work within certain limits and for me, if I don’t get enough rest… I do not function the next day, the experience of consciousness becomes more difficult, my ability to regulate my emotions becomes more difficult.

“They say that dread and anxiety are nothing more than low blood sugar and bad sleep. If you learn these physiological interventions that you can do to manage your emotional universe, that is a powerful tool and something you should ritualise…”

Watch the full interview here:

Want more? Find out how Jason’s childhood influenced his creativity, what’s on his bookshelf and his thoughts on purpose and existence.

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