The Latest Work Trend That Will help you Ditch Your 9-5


Here are the best tools to help you put your (and your partner's) best foot forward.

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As Bob Dylan famously captured: “the times they are a changin’” and when it comes to the way we see work, he couldn’t have been more on the money (excuse the pun). It’s safe to assume that the juggling act is one that most of us have well and truly attempted, though failed, to master. Parenting, healthy diets, sleep, exercise and that side project you promised yourself you would get started on in the New Year can weigh heavily on our shoulders, leading to many professionals now kicking their 9-5 to the curb and embracing a new way of working with this modern alternative: job sharing.

We’ve said before that two brains are better than one, especially when it comes to the concept of splitting one role into two, and now studies are reflecting that the fact it’s a trend worth watching: a recent survey conducted by Airtasker found that 38% of those surveyed believed that flexibility was more important to them than pay when looking for work.

Reflecting this trend further, Australian start-up, Puffling is in the process of launching a shiny, new job share platform for return-to-work mothers within the Australian advertising industry. It aims to find you the perfect job share partner and then connecting you to an agency who will then secure your interviews – kind of like a professional match-making site. While currently focused on mums looking to get back into the workforce, the site promises to expand out to all job share wannabes in the near future. Because it’s still in the beta phase, we’ve gathered three other job sharing websites that will get help get you started in the meantime:

Gemini 3
Gemini is one of Australia’s biggest job share destinations that serves both the employee and employer who are looking to job share. Not only giving you access to both sides of the coin, the website allows employers to make a case to their prospects as to why the position will work in a job share capacity, along with providing a ‘Knowledge Centre’, where articles and recent studies are kept, revealing why job sharing really is the way forward for certain roles.

Diverse City Careers
DCC was started by Debbie Phillips and Christina Smerdon and the duo started the platform to exclusively promote organisations who are committed to supporting women in the workplace. More than just a job search platform, they also offer a Flex Able Certification for applicable companies, which makes it easy for women to evaluate companies accurately before wasting precious hours on their CV for a job that’s been incorrectly advertised. The certification is based on when, where and how the company’s employees work to ensure flexible work options are a reality, with heavyweights like CBUS and BP already jumping on the bandwagon for accreditation.

The Job Share Project
While not a job sharing platform, this project combines a group of business leaders and talent practitioners who are passionate about researching and coming up with a commercially viable solution for job sharing, particularly in fast paced organisations. Within a few clicks you’ll find tool kits, research, blog posts and implementation strategies for both companies and employees looking to make the shift.

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