Jason Silva on Purpose, Existence and Making the Most of Life


Part 4: Lisa Messenger asks the big questions of futurist & Internet philosophy sensation Jason Silva.

While some believe that the idea of ‘purpose’ shouldn’t drive one’s existence, speaker and thought leader Jason Silva (and our Editor-in-Chief Lisa Messenger) disagrees.

“Our capacity to create a sense of volition and agency and purpose in life is what characterises as meaning-making [and] seeking creatures,” Jason tells us in our one-on-one interview. “We are the canvas and the paintbrush and the paint. We get to impregnate the world with meaning, we get to say that we matter, that this matters, that life matters.”

In the fourth video of a discussion series with Lisa Messenger, the forthright futurist discusses purpose, existence and what we can do while we’re here.

This series is designed to dig a bit deeper with some of the biggest, most inspired minds across the planet, to discover who they are, how they got there and what really makes them tick.

“The only answer to the predicament… is to use our wherewithal and our genius to remake the rules and reset the terms.” And who doesn’t love breaking the rules?

Watch the full interview here:

Want more? Find out how Jason’s childhood influenced his creativity, what’s on his bookshelf and why we can’t help being human.


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