How to succeed: forget about the losses, says pro surfer Steph Gilmore, up close and personal with Lisa Messenger


“The sweet’s never as sweet without the sour.” Steph Gilmore gets raw and real with Lisa Messenger.

Real & Raw – Lisa Messenger with Steph Gilmore from Collective Hub.

One of the secrets to Steph Gilmore’s six-time world champion success is to forget about the trophies (“They’re just material things”) and detach herself from wins and losses.

Instead she says she focuses on the evolution of herself.  “There is never a point where you really know everything… it has helped me to stay curious about the world and curious about being a human being and what can we get out of this life,” she says.

The self-confessed tomboy says she has evolved into a woman under the spotlight – which was “scary” – but feels peaceful about her path of authenticity. “I’ve just been like, well this is me, this is who I am and I have always tried my hardest to be as genuine as I can be and I think that resonated with people.

“I love inspiring other people to go out there and fall in love with something and chase after it; put yourself in a situation where you feel challenged and intimated and try and grow out of it. Every time you lose a heat, a contest or a world title, you learn so much from that experience and you take that into your next journey.”

Out of the water, Steph’s had her share of challenges – in 2010, she was attacked by a man with a metal bar outside of her home.

“I’ve always had a positive take on everything,” she says, “Even when I had my losses and everyone goes through different things in their life, you go through the downs and the ups and you have the struggles… I’ve always had an opinion that it’s all a part of the journey… and the sweet’s never as sweet without the sour. Put your seatbelt on for the ride and be ready for anything…”

Ready for some fun?

We gave Steph one minute to tell us about winning, failure, fear, self-belief and happiness – and the result was cuteness overload.

Good Vibes With Steph Gilmore from Collective Hub.