8 Remarkable People to Follow on Instagram in 2017


Cue the cull and fill your your feed with these Insta-inspirations.

They say you’re the sum of the five people you spend the most time with. So, it stands to reason that, in the digital age, that you’re also the sum of the five people you spend the most time following on social media.

Don’t let your Insta-feed drag you down. Whether you want to be kinder, braver or gentler in 2017, make  decision to follow role models who will help you to reach your goals.

To travel more. @Jetsetmama

If Claire Alexander-Johnston can negotiate airports, islands and Balinese mopeds with two toddlers and a newborn baby, then there’s no excuse for the rest of us not to travel. Whether or not you have children, this mumpreneur – who studied business at University in the UK before moving to Bali – will rev up your wanderlust. With a career path that includes modelling, styling and now running a travel start-up with her husband, her country-hopping Insta-diary will make you want to pack a suitcase too.

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To love your body. @IamLauraWells

Environmental scientist and curvy model aren’t two careers path you’d automatically put together but Laura Wells has taken her two passions – body acceptance and environmental conservation – and slashed them together, with style. Her Instagram is a combination of modelling shots with tongue-in-cheek caption (“an ant couldn’t walk through my thigh gap”), and photos from her travels, visiting eco-conservation projects around the world. Her feed is fun and thought-provoking, and will make you want to nurture yourself – and the planet.

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To trust your instincts. @PetaJean_

“Let the universe invest in your fabulous ideas. It’s got more moulah and hook-ups than all of the sharks in Shark Tank combined.” Everything posted by Peta Jean has the underlying message – if it feels right, then there is always a way. The ‘conscious enterprise creator’ was a self-made millionaire by the age of 25. Now she aims to inspire other motivated Millennials – or game changers of any age – to follow their dreams. Her advice? Ask yourself 10 times a day, “How does it get any better than this?”

To spend time in nature. @foxmeetsbear

Describing herself as a curious optimist, Johnna Holmgren’s life on a “forest island” near Minnesota will make you want to move to the nearest woodland immediately. When she’s not foraging for dinner with her children – dressed in wistfully floral outfits – or decorating their flower-filled home, she and her husband work as chalk artists, creating murals, signs and branding for restaurants, shops and start-ups. She recently posted a list of words she wanted to use more often which included; lovely, yes, seek, and waldeinsamkeit (German for solitude).

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To eat cleanly. @mynewroots

Butternut macaroni, banana bread granola and ‘plant-powered’ sloppy joes – Sarah Britton, the holistic nutritionist behind the blog, My New Roots, makes healthy eating seem enjoyable. Her ingredients are all vegetarian but she doesn’t define herself as one (“I am just a person who eats”). She shares easy recipes through her Instagram posts and blog, as well as filming vlogs for the online fitness platform CodyApp. With a passion for helping people to reach peak wellness, the self-taught cook jokes she must have been a cheerleader in a past life.

To unleash your creativity. @dallasclayton

Although Dallas Clayton produces children’s books, the artist and writer’s work transcends the ages, which is why he even has a cult following of adults with tattoos of his illustrations. An activist for “radical feelism” he encourages people to use art to unleash their emotions. This year he randomly posted notebooks to strangers with a question written inside “How does it feel to be you?” The author always carries chalk so he can write inspirational messages on street corners, like: “Stand under here and think about someone you love”.

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To keep your cool. @saraauster

If you want to feel calmer in the New Year, add Sara Auster to your tool kit. The New York meditation teacher and sound therapy practitioner worked as a musician until 2002 when she broke her back in an accident and began a journey of self-healing. Now fully recovered, she uses sound to help other people remove anxiety and to rejuvenate, with events in Central Park and the Lincoln Centre. But, you don’t need to be in America to be soothed by her. Every Monday, Sara posts a #soundmovementMonday – a short sound meditation to help her followers to begin their week feeling zen.

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To seize the day. @TerminallyFabulous

If you’re a procrastinator, forever waiting for tomorrow to take action, the late Lisa Magill will give you a kick up the behind. Diagnosed with cancer shortly after her 30th birthday, she was given months to live, but outlived her timeline by four years. On her blog and Facebook page (which has nearly 30,000 fans) she bravely chronicled the reality of dying young, with humour, optimism and honesty. Aiming to be ‘terminally fabulous’ until the end, her social medial feed will remind you how short life is. Lisa passed away early 2017.

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