8 Everyday Tasks You Can Outsource to Make Your Life Easier


In the gig economy, it’s easier than ever to ask for help.

Don’t have enough time in your day to get on top of life admin? We hear you. (We also suggest you consider shifting your ideas about time by having a look at this expert’s opinion.) Consider these time-saving hacks (i.e. outsourcing ideas) you might not have considered.

According to one report, employees spend 1.8 hours every day – that’s 9.3 hours per week on average – searching for information online, and take up to eight Google searches to find an answer. Is it time you enlisted a hunter-gatherer? One option is to enlist an intern from an agency, although make sure you read the laws surrounding unpaid internships. Alternatively, use a company such as Freelancer.com.au to hire an experienced researcher to serve up the statistics you need.

Travel plans
A lot of virtual assistant companies offer travel management services where someone will book you in, check you in and make sure you get the seat you desire. For multiple nomadic employees, consider an agency such as Corporate Travel Management who work on a yearly contract, but promise a return on investment by finding the most cost-effective fares. You can even outsource your packing thanks to the travel startup, Unpack, which handpicks clothing to match your itinerary and delivers it to your hotel.

How many hours a year do you spend standing in a post office queue? In America, the start-up Shyp offers a solution. For a courier fee of $US5, they pick up an item from your home or office, package them and then bill you for the cost of material and shipping. In Australia, Shippit helps e-trailers simplify their shipping needs. Working alongside Australia Post and courier companies, they select the best carriers for your job, collect the items from any location, and update the customer on delivery status until it reaches their door.

Tech fails
Keyboard crashed? Hard drive lost? No iPhone charger? Instead of wasting time at the shops, the Australian app Get It ASAP will pick up items, including electronics, clothing and food from a range of stores and drive it to you. On Airtasker, you can even hire someone to stand in the Apple queue for you when the latest iPhone is released.

Marketing videos
In the age of GoPro, it’s possible for novices to create do-it-yourself marketing videos, but for a more professional finish, we suggest enlisting the experts. Creative agency Digital Storytellers work with leading Australian start-ups and not-for-profits, offering services that include film production, event coverage and ‘live scribing’. Alternatively, contact your nearest university to see if any budding videographers are willing to collaborate with you.

Photo editing
Used by Pinterest, NBC, Panasonic and Unilever, UpWork lets you post a job and allow freelancers to bid and “win” it. Whether you need to polish an image for a website, brochure or Powerpoint presentation, their range of Photoshop experts can be hired from $US16 per hour. Or, you could put a shoutout on Facebook and see if any of your friends’ tech-savvy teenagers want to earn extra pocket money.

Gift buying
The American startup Loop and Tie aims to take the stress out of corporate gift giving. Instead of trying to guess an employee’s ideal present, bosses can curate a shortlist of ideas, which is then emailed to the receiver who chooses their favourite one. Splitting the cost? Instead of passing around an envelope, Giftstarter gives colleagues the chance to purchase a “piece” of a gift online.

Desk tidying
Tired of working in chaos? Professional declutterers will come into your office, sort through your disorderly workspace and leave a clean, calm environment behind them. The Silicon Valley start-up Remoovit, not only de-clutters your office, but also sells unwanted items (you split the profit 50-50). As part of their de-clutter program, Complete Order Outsourcers also organises your computer files, backs-up photos and removes unused apps from Apple products.

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