5 Honest Entrepreneurs to Follow on Social Media


These social media oversharers are keeping it real and baring their souls.

Who doesn’t love someone who tells it like it is? Reading about the trials and tribulations of other entrepreneurs gives us strength to carry on our own journey, especially when times get a little testing. In the interests of keeping the hard-working, no-light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel entrepreneurs afloat, here are our favourite global entrepreneurs who lay all their proverbial cards on the table through social media.

Danielle Morrill. If you want a younger perspective that’s focused on the here and now and not tainted by the rose-tinted frames of hindsight, the co-founder of data analysts Mattermark is your tell-it-like-it-is hero. As a Millennial tech founder and venture capitalist, insights are definitively noteworthy, including what she wishes she’d known before joining a ‘unicorn’, what it means to be a good wife (“resnuggles” which are, apparently, like retweets) and why women know all about augmented reality (“Just ask us about makeup and Facetune”).

BenHorowitz. Although he doesn’t Tweet frequently, when he does, Ben Horowitz delivers a tough-love dose of realism. The author of the business books, The Hard Thing About Hard Things, uses social media to promote the blogs he writes about start-up challenges, including a recent post titled ‘The Struggle’ which discussed that feeling most entrepreneurs will relate to. He’s also active on the ad-free social media site, Alpha.

@JamesAltucher. Whether he’s spilling his guts across twitter, Instagram or Quora, the former tech entrepreneur turned self-help author and venture capitalist doesn’t hold back. Drawing on his own rollercoaster career, he talks about burnout, being “pretty good” instead of perfect and the day he lost $2 million in one deal. Oh, and Tim Ferriss is a fan: “James shows readers how they can succeed despite their flaws, not because of a lack of flaws.”

Sophia Amoruso. The founder of Girl Boss and Nasty Gal (which filed for bankruptcy last year) tweeted her way though the “most difficult year of my life”. Across both Twitter and Instagram, she shares inspirational quotes, business lessons and personal revelations (“Pitched new business egg freezing consult all in a day’s work”). Expect more to come, as Girl Boss has just been adapted into a Netflix comedy.

Penelope Trunk. Serial entrepreneur, Penelope Trunk made headlines when she tweeted her way through a miscarriage she had at work, to drawer attention to a struggle that many working women silently go through. As open as they come, she Tweets and blogs about startups, motherhood and how to combine the two – not always successfully! “In my 20’s I wanted to know how everyone managed their sex life,” he writes, “Now I want to know how they manage their calendar.”

Amy Molloy



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