Which Type of Entrepreneur are you?


Are you 'hustler' or a 'visionary'?


To apply to The Founder Institute – whose graduates include the founders of PetHub and Udemy, mentors include Phil Libin of Evernote and Aaron Patzer from mint.com – an entrepreneur training program stationed in Silicon Valley, you don’t submit any old resumé. Instead you take an hour-long test with a battery of personality and aptitude evaluations. If Myer-Briggs and the SB5 had a baby, it would look like this.

According to The Institute, the test has proven to be 85% accurate in predicting the success of its graduates. The scoring weighs openness and fluid intelligence most heavily, factoring in other traits – such as conscientiousness, agreeableness and extroversion – but to a lesser degree. Both thankfully and unsurprisingly, traits such as aggressiveness, excuse-making, deceit, narcissism and emotional instability are found to be very limiting.

Working alongside social scientists, the Institute analysed the test scores of the successful founders and found that the majority fit into six ‘personality profiles’ or ‘DNAs’, with tendencies that mark each from the average entrepreneur applicant. Do you recognise any of these?

The Hustler.
Self-starters who are determined to succeed is a trait common among entrepreneurs, but this trait in Hustlers is magnified. Outgoing with a presence that exudes inner confidence, The Hustler can sell any product and pitch any company to anyone. It’s no surprise that Hustlers tend to be 25% more extroverted than the average entrepreneur.

The Innovator.
Always on the lookout for new and unconventional business ideas to disrupt existing markets, The Innovator is armed with an adventurous attitude and a forward-thinking nature. They are all about exploring new technologies and products. To get their ideas over the line, Innovators tend to be highly agreeable – in fact, they are 25% more kind and generous than the average entrepreneur.

The Machine.
This is someone who gets things done on time, every time. Equipped with a strong sense of duty and an aptitude for problem solving, this type of person seems to make miracles happen within even the tightest schedule. Highly organised and punctual, it’s unsurprising that Machines are an incredible 80% extra conscientious.

The Prodigy.
Gifted with an inherent business sense and an unbeatable instinct, Prodigies let their natural intellect and social skills guide them through the hardship of the start-up world. As someone who never lets disappointments get them down, Prodigies are 25% more emotionally stable.

The Strategist.
A creative and tactical thinker, The Strategist is constantly developing effective and efficient business models that benefit and grow the company. Like the Prodigy, they are highly stable (50% more, in fact) – Strategists never lose their cool; they rely on their intellect to think their way out of adversity.

The Visionary.
Always looking at the big picture, The Visionary is constantly devising new ways to push to the boundaries. Visionaries tend to be very perceptive to the changing needs of their target markets. Experts at thinking on their feet, Visionaries are 10% above the average in terms of fluid intelligence.

Which one are you? Apply to the Founder Institute with a test and application here.

Bridget de Maine

Staff Writer Collective Hub


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