Spreading Love To All These Holidays (Cats And Dogs Included)


Even from stockbrokers in fancy dress

“YES! Doesn’t it feel good to give,” shouts Lisa Messenger as she watches an AU$2 million trade deal wrapped up by an ICAP Australia staffer who just happens to be wearing fancy dress.

At the Sydney offices for their annual charity day, all commission from the day’s trades will be given to charity and the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home, of which Lisa is an ambassador, is one of them.

“What a brilliant global initiative by ICAP – I am totally blown away by the generosity and community spirit I am seeing. It’s also great to see stock traders doing serious deals while dressed up everything from characters from The Walking Dead to South Park.” By the day’s close, £8.2 million had been given to charity by ICAP globally, meaning £135 million had been raised since their very first charity day in 1993.

That money has funded projects like providing 207,179 solar lights in Malawi, giving 5,100 people cataract surgery in Buxtar, India, helping people with Down syndrome find work and establishing a hotline in Europe to locate missing persons.

Closer to home, funds raised today will help the city’s only not-for-profit animal pound, the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home, so a time limit isn’t placed on the lives of animals in their care. Each year, they house 3,000 animals lost or abandoned and provide temporary shelter for countless more.

“From my very first day in business, I made a resolution to help others in the process and decided that if that fateful day did come where I was making lots of money, then I’d also make a difference with it,” Lisa says. “Thank you ICAP for leading the way and encouraging all entrepreneurs to do the same – we need more business leaders like this.

“Business is bigger than money for money’s sake and profile for ego’s sake. Surely, we are gearing up for something much bigger? We must stay open, be aware, be informed and consciously look for opportunities to truly make a difference.

“May we consider purpose before profit. May we be the game changers and the thought leaders. May we be the very best the human spirit we can be.”

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