Backstage Pass: See Behind the Scenes of our Samantha Harris Cover


Behold: issue 40.

“There’s no fall too great from which you can’t rise taller and stronger,” – Samantha Harris

What goes into a cover shoot, you ask? A little more than you might think.

When the Collective Hub team showed up to Sydney’s Ivy poor bar to prep for our summer shoot with Australian model Samantha Harris, we thought we’d be smart and get in early. But the sun had other plans. Hopes of breakfast cocktails in the early light of day were soon dashed: instead, we were poolside during one of the coldest spring mornings Sydney had seen in years, waiting and hoping for enough rays to break through so we could get to work.

Seventeen lattes, six green smoothies and a countless amount of bacon and egg rolls later, the clouds finally parted enough to warm up our urban jungle and we swiftly got to work.


For this hardworking team of ten, it took four hours to reach that moment: the moment when the cover shot flashed up on the screen. We knew we had “it” in that magical split second. All those frosty pre-sun moments were suddenly given worth.

sam-harris-bts-cover2We celebrated with some live fun on Periscope:

A lot of fun.


So what was it like working with Sam?
“So calm and chilled,” said our creative director, Jade Dunwoody. “It was freezing. Our videographer’s plane was also delayed because of poor weather and it didn’t bother her at all. As a team, we were grateful because hiccups like that can throw a serious spanner in the works with some people. She was incredibly professional and amazing to work with.”


We didn’t just have the honour of capturing Samantha on camera, we also sat down to chat openly about embracing her individuality and uniqueness (“I’d love to look like Miranda Kerr; but I’m not Miranda Kerr, I’m Samantha Harris. There’s just a point in your life when you’ve got to realise, well, just be the best version of yourself you can be”), as well as some of the testing times she’s experienced since the incarceration of her now husband Luke (“Something in a split second can turn your lift upside down, inside out. I visited [Luke, her partner] every weekend… I tried to make it as painless – even though that’s a stupid way to put it – as comfortable as I could. I feel like I’m wiser. More mature I guess”). She also discussed her work in Uluru mentoring aspiring Indigenous models and the One Laptop Per Child intiative on the Gulf of Carpentaria’s Mornington Island.

“I’m not just your standard model, which I do like,” she admits.


Read the full interview in issue 40, on stands Monday. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we loved creating it!



The on-location team: Lisa Messenger (Collective Hub editor-in-chief), Jade Dunwoody (creative director), Nicole Singh (editorial assistant), Kane Skennar (photographer), Jeff Lack (stylist), Wayne Chick (hair and makeup artist), Noah Hunter Dorsey (videographer), and Sophie Paulin (digital director).


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