Why a ‘Life Admin Day’ Should be on Your List of Work Perks


It's a no brainer, really.


American healthcare scheduling service ZocDoc should, of all companies, know the importance of having the freedom to book healthcare appointments without fear of retribution from rigid employers, which is why the company recently introduced the temptingly ironic ‘unsick’ sick day. The premise is an annual leave day that staff can use to take doctor and dentist appointments to ensure a top bill of health.

Following a study the company themselves performed that uncovered the depressing statistic that nearly nine out of ten surveyed employees would delay a preventative appointment in the favour of work pressures, the company’s CEO Oliver Kharraz had his own lightbulb moment.

“When we asked our team members why they were putting off their proactive check-ups, we heard a recurring theme: work gets in the way,” he wrote on Quartz. “While I certainly admire my team’s dedication, I consider this a failure. The costs of perpetuating this unhealthy culture—for businesses and individuals alike—are simply too high to ignore.”

The company dedicated one day in October to the cause and are urging other companies to do the same.

While we love the idea of being able to finally take a check-up without having to be at death’s door, we think companies could consider taking it a step further, creating a Life Admin Day. It’s little wonder a weekend goes so fast when we have to use it to keep our heads above water (and, at the very least, our fridges reasonably stocked).

In addition to a necessary trip to the dentist or doctor, here are a few other things we’d pack into our Life Admin Day:

A visit to the post office.
Despite the fact The Iconic has 100 day returns, we run dangerously close to overstepping that line every. Single. Time. We’d definitely dedicate a morning to hauling back our unwanted, guilt-inducing mountain of returns that sit shamefully in the corner for months on end near the front door. It would be so cathartic if you could avoid the feeling in the pit of your bank balance that happens when you have to face your inefficiency in the form of a terrible fashion decision with the tag still attached.

A monthly shop and food prep session.
Imagine a world where you’d have a full day to shop, think, cook and freeze ahead an unbelievably clever amount of sustenance so as to avoid racing around with a mismatched handful of a banana and a packet of ramen before work. Mornings (and evening wind downs) would be that much more organised.

A hairdresser appointment.
Is it just me, or does it feel outrageously unfair that we have to spend our Saturdays in the pew of perdition for an exercise that is essentially just maintenance?

A car service.
Because it’s just an inevitability that your car will surprise you with a previously dormant difficulty the very week you really can’t afford to be without a car. It will also almost definitely rain that week.

A solid sort-out session of our tech.
From the millions of emails we get that we hate (but never bother to unsubscribe from) to the endless iterations of the same password types that you always get confused (was this the one with the exclamation mark at the end?) to finally getting yourself that receipt app so you can finally be an adult and make the most of tax breaks, there’s a good year’s worth of things to get in order when it comes to our tech.

A wardrobe clean and overhaul (including handwashing all those delicates).
Today would be the day, the day of all days: it’s the day you finally take that garbage bag full of clothes to that charity bin. Admit it: it’s been rolling around in your boot for far too long. You’re reminded just how long whenever you take a corner too quickly.
Today is also the day to dive into that pile of clothes you deem too delicate to wash in your machine and not important enough to wash until the next time you have an engagement party. (And that thing you need altered before you can even start to appreciate how much money you wasted on buying something that doesn’t fit).

Marie Kondo your paperwork.
Let’s face it: none of this will bring you joy but some of it will bring the opposite if you let it fall through the cracks of your life admin. Just try and treat filing as fun, and if you’re getting rid of a bunch of bad stuff lurking around, it definitely can be.

Finally get going on that Gumtree and eBay selling.
Don’t deny it: you all know what I’m talking about here.

Bridget de Maine

Staff Writer Collective Hub


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