VIDEO: How a Side Hobby Accidentally Became a Dream Job


For regulator turned touring fisherman, Josh Hutchins.


If you don’t think a decade of work in food safety can be the professional precursor to an entirely new career in travel and fly fishing, meet Josh Hutchins.

Turning a hobby into a business is the dream of many and, like many, redundancy was the catalyst for this new chapter in Josh’s career. Having travelled the globe to fly fish since age 13, it wasn’t until Josh created an Instagram, that now boasts over 31,000 followers, joining people with the same passion together did his business, did his business Aussie Fly Fisher start to sprout. Now, Josh leads guided fly fishing tours in some of the most naturally beautiful corners of the globe.

Here, he talks about the power of passion (and social media), and how far his fly fishing can take him.

Interview and production by our content partner, Chello. More videos from the ‘Making It’ series coming soon. 


Guest Editor