VIDEO: Down That Little Lane’s Tessa White: ‘Our Facebook Reach Disappeared Overnight’


What happens when your main revenue stream dries up?

Tried-and-tested is all good and well – until the foundations fall out from underneath you. For Australian gift and homewares site Down That Little Lane, the collapse of start-up scaffolding came in the form of an algorithm change.

“Suddenly our reach that we used to get organically through Facebook and a lot of sales that we posted to Facebook, three of that item sold. Now, none of that item sold!” Down That Little Lane’s founder Tessa White explains. “No matter what you post to Facebook, nobody’s seeing it.”

Luckily though, the creative CEO has managed to continue bringing unique gifts to her customers, championing small businesses in the process.

Here, she reflects on letting go, staying focused on her passions and what being an entrepreneur means to her.

Interview and production by our content partner, Chello. More videos from the ‘Making It’ series coming soon.