The Bec & Bridge Journey: From a Pair of Jeans to an International Fashion Brand


With a few important influencers along the way.

151216_07_455-copy “We always knew we wanted to be in fashion,” says Bridget Yorston, one half of fashion label Bec & Bridge. “We met when we were studying fashion design at UTS and became really close friends.”

Bridget, and co-founder Becky Cooper never set out to start a label so young; it just happened very organically. In fact, it all started with an old pair of jeans the friends were asked to revamp. “From there, more friends heard about what we were doing and before we knew it we had received an order for 200 pairs of jeans from a store on the Gold Coast. This was the turning point.” Bec & Bridge was born.

Just a few years later, the duo was approached by David Jones. “David Jones is definitely an amazing powerhouse to be associated with from a brand and business point of view. We are so fortunate that they have supported the B&B brand continuously for so many years and it’s been really exciting to see our brand grow within their stores,” says Bridget.

“We also have a close relationship with a lot of influencers,” she continues. “They have definitely played a significant role in brand exposure and growth – especially in Australia.”

The brand has worked with names such as Nadia Fairfax, Tash Oakley, Yan Yan, and Tanja G on digital shoots, campaign shoots and exclusive capsule collections. It’s a strategy the brand is strongly pursuing. “We see a direct link to sales with certain influencers who have a very dedicated and engaged follower base. It’s really interesting.”


Bec & Bridge has also been spotted on the shoulders of some of the most recognisable fashion faces in the world – such as those belonging to Taylor Swift, Bella and Gigi Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, Emily Ratajkowski and Chrissy Teigen. “We have been really fortunate and feel really flattered to have such amazing support from stylists, influencers and celebrities.”

Here’s what Bridget had to say on:

The early days

On reflection, those early days were hard work. We did everything ourselves, worked long hours and lived on next to nothing. But thankfully we were young and resilient and it didn’t seem too bad at the time.”

Having a point of difference

“It’s definitely important to never get too comfortable. We are both big believers in staying open minded and being flexible to move with our B&B girl as she grows and evolves. A point of difference for our brand is that we produce 95% of our pieces in Australia. This allows us to keep a really tight rein on our production quality as well as build strong relationships with our manufacturers.”


“We draw inspiration from all sorts of things and places. Normally one of us, or the girls in the design team, are particularly inspired by something and this provides a starting point. Things tend to naturally evolve from there. The 70s and 90s are decades that we often draw from creatively. Our muses tend to be girls from this era.”

Bridging the creative/commercial divide

“This is the ongoing challenge for us but it’s what keeps us on our toes. Working with parameters forces us to be more creative.”


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