The Day to Give a Voice to the Elephant in the Room



Interview and production by our content partner, Chello

Sebastian Robertson was sick of the elephant in the room, he was sick of it following him around and he was sick of the fact that no one was talking about it… So, he decided to paint it blue and call it Batyr.

Batyr is a social enterprise that provides peer-to-peer preventative mental health education programs in schools and universities. It gives young people the courage, conviction and platform to share stories of triumph over mental illness. To date they have facilitated 532 programs, reached 42,292 young people and trained 209 young people to continue to share their story in the hope of reaching out to others.

Seb’s own story is one that will feel familiar to many. “I was doing relatively well to the exterior. My ‘Facebook Seb’ was amazing… but underneath there were two Sebs developing, and they were worlds apart in reality.”

Whether you’re blissfully content, really struggling or somewhere in the vast space between, this idea of a constructed self is something we can all relate to, especially when it’s arguably easier than ever to hide what’s really going on under an ever-growing array of filters.

Thankfully, today is the official day to scratch a little deeper and ask the question, R U OK?

Don’t be afraid to check in with a friend, stranger or family member today. It might just be the three caring words they need.