7 Super Cool Apps For Seniors


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While children born today will likely learn to navigate a smartphone or tablet before they can even talk, embracing the digital age doesn’t come always come naturally to older generations. Thankfully, there are a whole host of age-friendly apps designed to benefit and enrich the lives of our senior citizens.

Case in point; GoGoGrandparent, an app that allows people without smartphones to use on demand services, such as Uber. Justin Boogard had the idea for the startup while living with his 84 year-old grandmother and witnessing first hand the difficulty and expense she endured while using a regular taxi service. But while Boogard’s business is aimed at the 70% of Americans aged 65 or over who don’t own a smartphone, there’s plenty of technology out there aimed at those who do…

Dragon Dictation

Poor eyesight and arthritic fingers can make sending a simple message an excruciating endeavour for some. Enter Dragon Dictation, a voice recognition app that turns anything you say into text. It’s simple, free and can even post directly to Facebook and Twitter.


Whether you need a few essentials from the supermarket or just need someone to help you find your glasses; your smartphone can help. Simply log your errand with TaskRabbit and, provided you live in either London or one of the 19 US cities the service operates out of, your chore will be completed within 90 minutes.


This app works by taking the confusion out of your senior’s launcher page. Small, intimidating icons are replaced with big and bold ones while basic functions, such as calls and texts, are easy to identify and navigate. There’s a built in camera, gallery and SOS app and your three favourite contacts are clearly displayed at the top of the screen.


Remembering what medication to take and when can be an arduous task when you’re on a lot of it. Thankfully, Pillboxie is able to remind users what pill they need to pop even if their phone is asleep. The interface is bright, colourful and easy to use and you have the option to customise other information, such as the colour and type of medication you’re taking and how you felt afterwards.


Ideal for anyone in need of a bit of brain training, this app was designed by neuroscientists in order to keep both your memory and attention in tip top condition. You’re encouraged to give your mind a daily workout by playing one of their 50+ cognitive games and are even able to see how your stats compare to other users.

Be My Eyes

This app is for anyone who suffers from impaired vision or blindness. Users are able to take a picture with their phone and then orally ask a question regarding it. This question – which could be anything from an expiry date query or a question regarding their surroundings – is then directed to a human volunteer who describes what they are seeing.

Fade: Fall Detector

The only thing worse than a loved one falling over is a loved one falling over and no one even knowing. By using the gyroscope in your smartphone, the app is able to detect any sudden downward motion. If the phone fails to move following the fall, the app will then start alerting your emergency contacts.


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