The Secret to Successfully Opening 5 Venues in 5 Years


Sydney’s hospitality scene is still very much alive and kicking for Applejack's co-founder, Ben Carroll.

It has certainly been a testing time for the bars, pubs and restaurants of Sydney.

As a booming survivor of one of the most precarious industries you can venture into – hospitality – Ben Carroll is perfectly placed to share his insights on riding trends, re-investing and repurposing ideas from different industries.

It’s safe to say his expectations of entrepreneurship have been vastly surpassed. “Originally when we opened Bondi Hardware, I thought I’d have to get my parents in to clean the venue and get my girlfriend to wait on the bar.”

But with his sixth venue in less than six years set to launch at the end of 2016, things have thankfully turned out a little differently for the Applejack pair, as they continue to hone their winning recipe.

Interview and production by our content partner, Chello. More videos from the ‘Making It’ series coming soon. 


Guest Editor