5 Mistakes I Made When Starting My Business


With Shoes of Prey's Jodie Fox

Jodie Fox

This is the first installment of Collective Hub’s business video series. Consider this your ‘access all areas’ pass to the lessons, tips, triumphs and stuff ups that these entrepreneurs have made on their journeys to success.

There’s a hell of a lot of learning that happens on the way to business success, as many (NB: most) entrepreneurs will tell you. Jodie Fox, co-founder of custom shoe website Shoes of Prey wasn’t immune to some of these hard lessons. In fact, she’s still learning. In this video, she takes us through a few of the key setbacks she experienced while paving a path to success.

Not bringing in experts early on. While being a visionary with no prior experience definitely has its benefits (allowing you to dream and innovate in new and unconventional ways is one), working with experts in the trade allows you to perfect your product early on and avoid costly mistakes.

Spending too much time on the wrong problems. When starting a business, inventive problem solving will take up much of your brain’s capacity, but the reality is, you can’t solve it all. Especially the small things. When you are trying to solve a problem, listen to the people who have gone before you and let their solutions inform your own.

Believing things that sounded too good to be true. When any company starts to gain attention, external offers and partnership proposals often start to flood in. While it’s tempting to take bold risks with other daring dreamers, if a promise doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. In this case, your money can be spent better elsewhere.

Learn more about Jodie’s mistakes in the full video below.