Want People to Be Able to Find You on Snapchat? Try This


Snapchat only has marketing power if people can find you. So why not give them a map?


Remember the internet before Google? Nope, neither do we. The internet before targeted search engine capacity now seems like an ancient concept, akin to wandering around a useless wasteland of potential that you can see but can’t quite get your hands on.

Despite the amount of traffic flooding through social media platform Snapchat (10 billion daily videos, to be exact), there’s a similar feel when trying to connect with other users with the platform. Ever noticed how you can’t do a wandering search for categories or people you might be interested in? Someone else noticed the deficiency and decided there needed to be a solution.

That someone was Frank Danna, the co-founder of Ghostcodes, a new app that allows you to search existing Snapchat accounts by a few search criteria: the real name of the user as opposed to their username is one example, or even by interests. Love watching surfers snap their morning session? Try searching ‘surf’. Get a kick from watching someone demonstrating their morning makeup routine? Punch in ‘beauty blogger’. And while this may sound simple, the point remains that Snapchat itself still doesn’t have this function built into its own discovery capacity. That means it also doesn’t have (unlike Instagram) something resembling a mini feed round-up of other users, generated by pictures you liked or searched for in the past. As it stands, Snapchat just kind of lets you do the work: which currently translates to having your personal friend type in their specific username into your phone to avoid you adding the wrong ‘Sarah187’. (Maybe there’s a space? Or no ‘h’? Snapchat searching is so fraught with potential disasters!)

For example, in Snapchat, if you wanted to follow our Editor-in-Chief, Lisa Messenger, you’d have to specifically search her handle, exactly as it appears in her profile. In Ghostcodes, search entrepreneurship, or leadership and you’ll find Lisa among the results. the thing is, sometimes you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for but when you stumble across a dog that seems at home in a canoe, you’re mighty glad you found them.

Bridget de Maine

Staff Writer Collective Hub


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