Finding Balance with Fashion Blogger Lisa Hamilton


When you’re juggling a day job and a social media career, life can get pretty hectic.

Lisa Hamilton

Lisa Hamilton is a 20-something, Melbourne fashion blogger, who dishes up regular doses of style and fitness inspo on See Want Shop, a site grew out of a working holiday to the UK in 2011. Creating an Instagram account to keep in touch with family and friends, it wasn’t long before Lisa’s travel pics evolved into a chronicle of her regular high street shopping expeditions and minimal, easy-to-wear street style. Five years later, she’s connecting every day with 285,000 followers who adore her lush pics, beauty tips and inspirational fashion, with its focus on denim, basics and premium activewear.

But like most of us, Lisa has found there’s a lot of balls to keep in the air. That’s why, when it came to choosing one word to shape her year as part of Triumph’s one word campaign, the fashion and lifestyle blogger chose ‘balance’.

lisa 3“I really wanted to focus on spreading myself more evenly throughout the important areas of my life such as work, life, fitness, mind and rest,” explains Lisa about her life’s “pillars”.

“Each pillar is so important and I was finding that things were getting ‘unbalanced’ in my life so decided to make this a key focus for myself.”

Despite her background in medicine and a passion for fitness – she’s a qualified physiotherapist who, until recently, worked up to four days a week while also running her blog – Lisa found that during 2015 a lot of her positive habits began to slip, and this impacted on her health.

“I like to pride myself as someone who very rarely gets sick, but last year I was ill with a few viruses throughout the year. I wasn’t sleeping as well and I stopped exercising as regularly,” laments Lisa. “It’s really easy to fall out of your usual routine when working in the digital space. I discovered that once my routine became disrupted then that’s when I wasn’t achieving balance. I started focusing my energy on one area and ignoring the others.

“I knew something was off kilter and so I decided to do something about it. I realised that I was ignoring some really important areas of my life, and so 2016 became all about balance.”

As a result, Lisa now starts the day with a focused to-do list. Her aim is to tick off at least one activity from each of the important pillars in her life. She has also thrown herself back into exercise, working out with a personal trainer, and making time for regular yoga practice.

“I feel happier, more settled and I am sleeping much better. I also feel much more productive and far less stressed out which has all contributed to a great start to the year,” says Lisa. “I think work/life balance is so important in today’s crazy, non-stop world. It can be really hard to achieve this, but surrounding yourself with a great support network can certainly help.”

lisa 2

So what are Lisa’s hot tips for a more balanced life?

1. Don’t make excuses.

2. Set your goals and write them down.

3. Check in on them regularly and make ‘balance’ a real focus in your life.

4. Write it on your bathroom mirror, or set the word as your phone’s background, anything that helps to keep it in the forefront of your mind. Over time, it will no longer become a task but a habit.

Nicole Webb

Staff Writer Collective Hub

Nicole is a Sydney based writer, who’s previously written for Harper’s Bazaar and Elle Australia. She has mused about everything from the world of haute couture, the Sydney music scene and newly founded start-ups.


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