5 Ways to Create a Memorable Business Card


With moo.com’s David Revagliatte.

Mixed-Shots - Business-Cards - Square BC instagram images - sMaking your business card memorable is as important as having your polished elevator pitch at the ready. A little careful thought and preparation is all it takes to keep that phone ringing (and your card out of the wastepaper basket). MOO is passionate about helping businesses create unique paper products (from postcards to letterheads and flyers) that show the world what clients’ brands are all about, so here are our top tips for creating and handing out business cards that mean, er, business.

Be bold. Black copperplate font on a simple white card might look striking to you, but it won’t stand out against ten other identical cards. The typeface you choose, the colour, the image; these can all help bring your brand personality to life, so that yours is a meeting the recipient remembers. So be adventurous – after all, ‘professional’ doesn’t have to mean boring.

Use both sides. What’s one of the first things you do when you receive a business card? You flip it over, of course. Which means having something on the back of the card is an absolute must. You might want to add some additional info like your social media details, or even show off your portfolio or range of services by printing a different design on each card. Double the impact!

Pay attention to the paper. As people turn over that card, they’ll also take note of the paper quality, so make sure yours feels extra special. For a stock that really stands out, why not try something extra thick (around 600 GSM), with a striking seam of colour running through the middle of the edge. And think carefully about the paper finish – a glossy card might catch the eye, but matte is much easier to write on if you need to make some annotations on the fly.


Ditch the gimmicks. An overly cute font or business card that doubles as a fridge magnet might be fun, but the appeal is limited. Be careful not to go for anything too trendy, either – some say QR codes have already had their day and there’s no denying they take up a lot of space on your card. For something that gets you noticed without being gimmicky, give square business cards a go (MOO has a great selection) – you’ll soon stand out for all the right reasons.

Observe business card etiquette. It’s best not to thrust your card into someone’s hand without first exchanging a greeting – because even the greatest of cards can’t save a poor first impression. And try to avoid littering people’s windscreens and doormats. It’s always best to place a business card in someone’s palm, and flash them a good old-fashioned smile while you’re at it. Say cheese!



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