Want to Become a Digital Nomad? These Companies Can Help


If you’re thinking of taking the leap, we’ve got a few places to go for a helping hand

Thanks to a growing global trend, we’ve learnt that travelling the world while building your profession is not a completely impossible juggling act. While the notion of packing up and moving your life at whim seems romantic, the logistical elements of creating your new location-independent existence can be tricky. To help you kickstart your plans into action, we’ve taken a look at the companies, organisations and online communities that can help facilitate all your nomadic dreams.



From Lisbon, Portugal, to Lima, Peru, Remote Year chooses 75 applicants to spend a year travelling and exploring 12 cities across the globe while working on their own freelance projects at the same time. At a cost of US$27,000 for the year, the company will plan – and book – everything from accommodation, travel between countries, activities and communal workspaces (internet is included, naturally) – allowing you to immerse yourself within each culture and cultivate lifelong memories, all while growing your career. Plus, you get 74 travel buddies as a bonus.




When Mark van der Heijden, aka The Backpacker Intern, worked for 32 different companies in exchange for room and board across all seven continents, the idea for Wanderbrief was born. Individuals can create an online profile and apply for briefs and projects all over the world. Whether you’re a designer, art director, illustrator, copywriter or UX designer, Wanderbrief has companies on board that are willing to exchange your work for a flight, room, board and pocket money to explore the city. It’s boarding time.




Few insurance companies would get us cheering into our sangria, but World Nomads is a travel insurance outfit with a difference. Passionate about photography, film, writing or cooking? World Nomads provides international travel scholarships under the mentorship of world-class companies, the likes of which have previously included World Wildlife Fund, National Geographic and Lonely Planet. Past winners have gone on to work on films and with major publishers, with their work broadcast around the world. Whether it’s creating footage for the Mardi Gras festival in New Orleans or capturing the remote wilderness of Antarctica, the opportunities truly sit in the ‘once in a lifetime’ category.




If your job isn’t the normal freelance kind, this site is for you. Remote OK helps you find a job you can do from anywhere. If you’re a web developer, software engineer or analyst, the site aggregates jobs from endless sources, giving you an abundance of part- and full-time options to choose from. And the best part? There’s a ‘remote start-ups’ tab so you can peruse by company instead.




Co-working may be all the rage, but Berlin-based company Setting has a new take on things: instead of a dedicated co-working space, they’ll match people with spare rooms in existing offices all over the city. There are three options: seats in a shared space, a private room, or an individual office. To snag a spot, simply search for a space, enquire for a viewing and lease it (you can even pay with PayPal). The perfect spot to lay your laptop, minus the long-term lease (because who knows when you’ll want to up and take a working vaycay?).




Roam describes itself as an experimental community aiming to combine work, travel and day-to-day life in the boundaries of one communal – and luxurious – living space. There’s the usual notion of paying rent each week, but this lease allows you to access Roam’s co-living spaces around the world. Think Madrid, Bali and Miami, with London and Buenos Aires opening soon. They not only provide a living space, but organise social activities, with Pecha Kucha nights and pop-up dinners hosted by up-and-coming chefs being part and parcel of the experience.


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