The Brains Behind the Beauty Brand, MUD


Find a gap, fill it (but not with pomegranate powder): this is the story of MUD.

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Who knew mud could be the secret to better health? MUD creators Rosie Jonas and Caitlin O’Farrell did, and they decided to build a business around it. “We did a lot of research around detoxing, and we found that detox baths are one of the fastest (and most enjoyable) ways to cleanse your insides and your skin,” explains Rosie Jonas, co-founder of MUD. “Detox baths help alleviate myriad skin conditions, reduce toxic load build up, stimulate the lymphatic system and restore vitamins and minerals to your body.”

Rosie and fellow co-founder Caitlin saw a gap in the ever-popular fitness and detoxing market where bath soaks were concerned, so they did what any entrepreneur would do; they started researching. “We came across the detox benefits of Bentonite Clay and we knew we were onto something. Bentonite clay is aged volcanic ash that removes toxins, chemicals and impurities from your body,” continues Rosie. After deciding on their winning ingredient, they were off to the mixing bowls.

It took roughly six weeks of trial and error and find the right balance and subsequent ingredients, which now rest on the magic number seven in total (all natural, of course). “The worst was when we tried to add pomegranate powder, but as soon as we added a drop of water it stank like feet and we had to air out Rosie’s house for a good few weeks!” recalls Caitlin.

Once the potion was perfected, the MUD team moved onto perfecting core elements of their business offerings – free shipping was a priority of their products was something they wanted to maintain. Then there were the packaging obstacles: in need of simple but effective packaging, the business partners decided on coffee-bag-esque material. But they had to think outside the… er, bag. “Bentonite clay has an electrical charge that attracts your body’s toxins and sucks them out through your pores. Because of this electrical charge, the clay can’t touch metal–and have you ever seen a coffee bag that wasn’t lined with foil? We ended up designing white custom bags with a plastic lining and that’s how we maintain the integrity of the product,” shares Caitlin.

The design of the product was created in order to reflect their business (and beauty) ethos. “Life isn’t black and white; there is so much conflicting information out there about health and wellbeing that it is so hard to know what we should and should not be doing for our bodies. The monochrome idea flowed on from that,” says Rosie. Tack on the URL name mudmudmud, which Rosie agrees is “super fun to say out loud”, and the branding was complete.

But while there aren’t any grey areas in MUD’s artistic black-and-white Instagram identity, the two admit there are (and have to be) when it comes to holistic health. “MUD is very much a representation of ourselves. We have the best intentions to eat well, do our exercises and live a life of optimal health…but we love to have the occasional wine, eat donuts and just have a MUD bath to balance us out instead!” Caitlin says. “Life is too delicious, fun and spontaneous to say no to a box of donuts.”

Now that’s a motto (and a product) we can live by.

Cait DiCicco




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