Motherhood and a Creative Career: How I Manage it… with Sophie Bell


We speak to four creative mamas about the wild ride that is motherhood.

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LIVES: Gold Coast, Australia

OCCUPATION: Stylist, digital strategist and director of Hartland + Co and Peppa Hart

MUM TO: (brand new) Hendrix


It’s early days, but what has motherhood already taught you?

To slow down and just savour this incredibly special time. It has taught me that women are beyond amazing and our bodies are built do some pretty mind-blowing things. I didn’t think I could love my husband any more but somehow I do – seeing him with Hendrix seriously melts my heart.


Take us through an average day pre-baby?

Every day was pretty different as a lot of my work is project-based, but it would generally start with a morning beach walk, brekkie and a strong coffee and then onto the computer for emails and client’s digital projects. After lunch, I focused more on my personal business, the art shop (Peppa Hart) and clothing store (Hartland + Co). I tried to schedule meetings for the afternoon. I usually worked after dinner until I went to bed, just on my laptop on the couch.


And what do your days look like now?

My days now completely revolve around the feeding and sleeping patterns of Hendrix. I put him down at around 9am and he sleeps for four hours straight, so that’s my time to smash through work. The afternoons are a little more all over the place at the moment so I just take every day as it comes. I am also very spoilt with my mum and my mother-in-law being available any time to help with baby snuggling if I have a deadline. My clients have been so understanding – the majority of them are mums too and completely get it if we have had a sleepless night and are a little slower getting projects over the line compared to normal.




Do you plan on taking time off or will you keep running the businesses?

I took seven days off and then got back into it. I was feeling really good so I thought, why not? I’m not working as crazily as I usually do and am being a little more selective with what I am taking on. I’m not taking on any styling work at the moment as it’s quite physical, but the digital and branding side is easier to do from my home studio.


What qualities of your own mum’s would you like to inherit?

My mum was always so supportive of everything I have ever dreamt of doing in my career and my personal life. She always said ‘go for it’ and then would be there for me if it wasn’t exactly how I imagined. No matter how wild or crazy my ideas were, she would support me. I would love my kids to feel they can dream big. My dad has played polo professionally his whole life and made a living from something that he loved.


Most valuable parenting advice you’ve received?

Do not feel pressured to be the perfect mother! Just go with your instincts; that is how we are parenting at the moment. I didn’t get too wrapped up in reading a million books. I want to see how we go and if I need help, I can put my hand up.



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