Motherhood and a Creative Career: How I Manage it… with Neram Niminde


We speak to four creative mamas about the wild ride that is motherhood.



LIVES: Amsterdam, Netherlands

OCCUPATION: PR consultant for brands such as Bugaboo, Kusmi Tea and Løv Organic, blogger (

MUM TO: Thiago, 2, and baby number two (a girl) due this month


What is an average day for you?

I work freelance [in PR] and I reserve three days per week for my work. On those days, my son goes to daycare. I mostly work from home or in one of the various cafes in Amsterdam, but I do also travel to Paris quite frequently as one of my clients is based there. In the evenings, we always have a warm meal together as a family – I love to cook! When my son is not in daycare, we take it slow, have a long breakfast and do something fun together.


Most valuable parenting advice you’ve received?

Someone told me that when it comes to small children, everything is just a phase. I know there are people who hate this saying but personally, remembering these words always helps me see the light at the end of the tunnel when things get tough.


How about the work-life juggle? 

Before having a child, I worked a lot; my job was my everything, I really lived for it. However, since I became a mother, I know there is more in life. I still love my job but I also love my child. These first years in the life of my son are so precious and I want to be there with him because time goes fast and we never get it back. I said goodbye to the corporate world to work freelance. This is a decision that my man and I made together because it works best for our family. We are more flexible when our son gets sick or something else happens. It’s good to reduce stress and you cannot imagine how much more creative I have become since I have more time.


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How do you maintain a happy relationship as a working couple?

It is so important to spend time together and have moments when we can put the whole parenting thing aside. Going for dinner, enjoying a concert feels so good.


The most special moment you’ve shared with your son?

Last summer, we went to my mother’s house. It was hot so when we arrived, my son got naked straight away and ran off. I found him at some point somewhere in the garden where he was eating raspberries from the bushes while looking at the plants all around him. I felt like I could see through his eyes, like I was sent back into my own childhood in that moment. It was so beautiful.


What is your dream for your children?

My dream for them is a healthy and happy life where they can be 100 per cent themselves.



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