Motherhood and a Creative Career: How I Manage it… with Dixie Rose


We speak to four creative mamas about the wild ride that is motherhood.


LIVES: Oahu, Hawaii

OCCUPATION: Designer, co-founder and owner of Oopsy Daze Kids and Arvo Cafe

MUM TO: Phoenix, 5, and baby number two due in August


You’re a mum, designer and businesswoman – what does an average day look like in your world?

Starting Arvo [Cafe] this year has been absolutely insane and flipped our entire lives. We used to practically live at the beach, play most of the day and cook a nice meal and work on Oopsy Daze after Phoenix went to bed. We could be really selfish and just do whatever and go wherever. Now, with a cafe that requires a set schedule, we have been forced to implement a routine.  We’re in bed by 8pm most days now and up at 5.30am. [My husband] Mason was always an early bird but for me, this was a huge thing to get used to. The cafe is our baby right now and we need to nurture it, but it’s most important to us to keep Phoenix a priority above all… when I stop to think about it, I seriously start going cross-eyed. Friends now visit us at Arvo and I have more of a social life, which is really great and one thing I missed since becoming a mum.

You co-founded Oopsy Daze with your husband. What is the key to maintaining a happy partnership when you’re busy?

We are literally together all the time and it’s not easy. We are best friends as well as each other’s biggest pushers and critics. Knowing we have each other’s back is always so important and knowing our roles in the businesses as well as at home. Getting away from it all is absolutely necessary, even if it’s just for a quick lunch together or a trip somewhere.




The most challenging moment as a mother so far?

Phoenix was in a bad accident last November where he suffered a serious injury to his leg. We didn’t know if we would even make it to the hospital in time as he severed his arteries, muscles and all the nerves. We are still recovering from it and doing physical therapy for this whole year. I can break down thinking of that moment at any given second. Life is so fragile and it taught us to never take anything for granted. But I do believe things are meant to happen for a reason and Phoenix is stronger than ever now; he’s such a fighter. For this to happen at such a young age, having to fight for his leg back, he will always know that hard work pays off and to never, ever give up.

What are your thoughts on achieving a work/life balance?

I have yet to find it, to be honest! However, I have found that when you need help, you need to ask – whether it’s from a friend or family. If you can hire someone, hire them, or outsource the small things because it’s worth being able to do school pick-ups and see your kid run to you. We all know that doesn’t last forever.

What’s your parenting style?

Loose! [Laughs]. People would say that we are a very close family and we raise him with tough love but treat him as an individual. We try our best to be honest with him.

What’s your dream for your children? 

To be their best selves and follow their heart to be absolutely anything they want to be and to know we will support them no matter how crazy their dreams.

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