Collective Hub x Dove: Conscious & Caring lunch


at Vine Double Bay

Collective Hub x Dove: Conscious & Caring lunch

On a suitably exquisite autumn day, 50 conscious minds and caring hearts gathered to exchange experiences, inspirations and insights over three courses of lunch at Vine in Sydney’s Double Bay.

The panel, hosted by Teigan Nash, saw Emma Hindmarsh (marketing specialist at Unilever), Turia Pitt (motivational speaker, engineer, athlete and author), plus our very own founder and CEO, Lisa Messenger, explore the subtle but distinct difference between being self-conscious and self-aware; highlighting how real beauty always lies in the latter.

This is a philosophy at the core of Dove’s overall brand, championed most famously by their viral ‘Real Beauty’ campaign which has made headlines and sparked conversations across the world for the last decade.

All three panellists were unanimous about the powerful – and sometimes manipulative – influence the media has on people’s self-esteem. In an age where there are apps to make you slimmer, more tanned and less blemished, it is more essential than ever to teach young women that true confidence comes from the inside out.

Nevertheless, you’d be hard pressed to find a woman who could deny the value of a great hair day. The fabulous blow-drys and big smiles in the room confirmed it’s a factor that certainly helps make us feel good in so many other areas of life.

Like Dove Hair, conscious and caring are two words that have underpinned the Collective Hub vision from day one. “The entire reason we started was because of the BS in the media that was sensationalist and depressing. So my young team and I set upon creating a platform that was much more about conscious, caring and responsible content,” Lisa explained.

However, as a business escalates, so does the difficulty to stay present when your mind is constantly buzzing with to-do lists, strategies and plans. But for Lisa, this just makes her daily rituals even more non-negotiable and health is placed firmly as her number one priority at all times.

Turia also shared the personal rituals that have enabled her to surmount hardship over the years. First and foremost, this involves showing gratitude – something she admitted she didn’t realise the importance of before her accident. Nowadays, Turia’s appreciation can found in even the simplest joys, like the sound of the ocean or sleeping next to a loving partner every night.

Being a self-confessed goal-setter, she believes any challenge can be conquered as long as you have a compelling enough reason why. Emma agreed, “When you know who you are, it’s so much easier to manage the tough times.”

With a guest list of yoga teachers, life coaches, philanthropists and other purpose-led entrepreneurs, these were just a few of many words of wisdom shared as attendees connected over sustainably-sourced food (thank you Chef Drew Bolton), cocktails, wine – and that great hair day feeling!

Warmest thanks to our partners, George and Smee for their magical styling, as well as Yering Station Wine, Ink Gin, Loco Love Chocolate, Emma Kate Co, and of course Dove Hair Therapy for ensuring our locks stay shiny and spirits high long after the event is over.

Photography by Scott Ehler