WeLive Launches Co-Living Space in New York City


The ‘co-doing’ concept is now part of our homes, not just our offices

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With the co-working space concept sweeping the globe, a co-living concept seems like a natural progression.

Co-working facilitator company WeWork has extended their community-feel office spaces from the realm of work to home, with the launch of their first co-living space in New York, which opens today at 110 Wall Street, Manhattan. Dubbed an “experiment, not a conclusion” by cofounder of the WeWork and WeLive concepts, Miguel McKelvey, the WeLive co-living project may seem similar to a share house arrangement but in reality, it’s a whole other ballgame.

Like the WeWork co-working space that now serves over 40,000 people in 60 different locations, the space isn’t just an empty space to rent that’s filled and created by you – it’s a space that encourages a sense of community, as well as easy and quick access to a modern, connected lifestyle: the rooms are fully furnished and have Internet facilities already available to renters. The apartments are already stocked with bedding, utensils, a fridge stocked with SmartWater and beer and will be cleaned monthly as part of the US$125 flat amenities fee – access to Barre and yoga classes are included in this price also.

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Like their co-working spaces, it isn’t really the space that is worth the money, argues Miguel. “A desk for $350 a month in a common area is not as cheap as a coffee shop,” he admits. “But a lot of people would say they’re empowered by that environment in a way that makes it worth it.”

And this is the key to the co-working and now, co-living concept: there is something valuable in a space that works with you, not against you, as you live your life in it. And the diversity of living your personal life in those communal spaces is exactly what WeLive (and WeWork attempts to foster).

“We are happy if there are some bros here having a good time,” says McKelvey of the communal spaces. “But there will also be people here eating wine and nice cheese and watching ‘The Bachelor,’ too. It’ll be diverse, and if we do our job, it will stay that way.”


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Bridget de Maine

Staff Writer Collective Hub


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