VIDEO: The Damaging Power of Self-Sabotage


It's time to set yourself free.


Ever found yourself creating excuses for your own lack of progress on a project? Does the phrase, ‘It would’ve been better but I ran out of time’ ring any bells? Do you decide to clean your workspace instead of working because you’ve decided you can’t work in a messy office? Keep reading.

This brilliantly simple illustrated video takes you through the reasons behind self-sabotage, the different ways you try and halt your own success and how to stop yourself from, well, stopping yourself from achieving your goals.

Watch the video that made its debut at our inaugural Kick.Start.Smart event below, narrated by the talented Dr. Jason Fox.

Dr Jason Fox | Get Out of Your Own Way from drjasonfox on Vimeo.

Bridget de Maine

Staff Writer Collective Hub


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