TOMBOY Beauty’s Chloe Brinklow on Carving Out an Online Niche


Cutting through the online noise with your brand isn't about compromise - it's about the lack thereof.

gary pepper 1Photo via Simon Upton X TOMBOY Beauty

‘Content’ is easy – easy to create, easy to access, easy to circulate, easy to forget. Great content is a whole other thing entirely.

Carving out a space in a crowded market will no doubt surface in conversation for Chloe Brinklow: her online publication TOMBOY Beauty launched just two months ago and has already secured coverage for industry leaders like Erin Wasson and Nicole Warne. More tenacity and less compromise continues to be her focus: she had a vision, and she stuck to it.

“My strategy when it comes to standing out has always come back to content creation with a focus on creativity and authenticity,” Chloe tells Collective Hub. “I know it’s a buzzword, but it’s so applicable to my business. I am strict on what we do, and more importantly don’t post. Beauty flat-lays (or flat lays in general), breakfast spreads, sunsets, and products being held next to the face are a no-go. And we don’t sell paid Instagram posts. When it comes to featuring women like Erin Wasson and Nicole Warne, it is less about their following and more about the brand fit. Brand equity is everything!”

Unsurprisingly, this has already given the young site an edge on the competition. The site launched with a shoot entitled ‘The Other Woman,’ starring influencer Nicole, though not as you know her – she was reimagined in a raw, real state by the site and despite Nicole’s own story being told through her site Gary Pepper Girl, TOMBOY Beauty managed to tell a fresh, new narrative.

“To a lot of people Nicole is about colour, femininity and [being] pristine, but I wanted to disrupt that perception and show people what drives her, what startles her, what she values,” Chloe says. “We did this through strong portraits, lensed by leading Australian fashion photographer, Simon Upton and androgynous styling, coupled with long-form interview that traced her personal and digital journey. She is ambitious and accomplished – everything we celebrate.”

It was all part of Chloe’s strategy to focus on creating quality content, rather than leaning on trends.

gary pepper 4Photo via Simon Upton X TOMBOY Beauty

“TOMBOY Beauty is a less-is-more approach to beauty and style. I spotted a hole in the market when I couldn’t find a beauty website that catered to girls like me,” she says. “There’s so many incredible YouTubers and personal beauty bloggers, but I was craving ‘magazine-quality’ content with a strong, minimalist aesthetic. Our main point-of-difference is our attitude: fearless, effortless, progressive, irreverent.”

And this is only the beginning.

“I have big plans for the TOMBOY Beauty brand,” Chloe confesses. “But I can’t talk about any of them!”

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