Influencer Bianca Cheah on Switching Off and Being Present


The lifestyle influencer has a lot on her plate – which makes disconnecting all the more important

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In 2012, Bianca Cheah combined her love of fashion and wellbeing and created the blog, Sporteluxe.

“I’d never imagined that it would become so popular,” she told Collective Hub back in 2014. “But I always wanted it to be more than a blog. I’m always looking to create something bigger and better all the time.”

Fast forward four years and Bianca’s digital publication Sporteluxe is a leading creator of health, wellbeing and fashion content, with an army of regular readers as well as over a combined 227,000 dedicated Instagram followers (94,000 for Sporteluxe and 133,000 for her personal handle, BiancaMayCheah).

With the rapid growth of Sporteluxe, there’s a lot for creator Bianca to manage, which is why when it came to choosing one word to shape her year as part of Triumph’s one word campaign, the digital publisher chose ‘present’ as her word to lead 2016 in the right direction.

“With us all having such connected lives, it’s sometimes hard to know where to focus,” Bianca explains. “I feel it’s important that we put down our devices once in a while and learn to be present, to experience and to absorb.”

And after such a busy 2015 with her lifestyle website Sporteluxe, it wasn’t difficult to decide what word would shape her year.

“In early 2015, Sporteluxe really turned the corner and I found myself forever on my phone, laptops and always being too busy whilst trying to conduct conversation,” she says. “I soon realised that in actual fact, I had done none of the three tasks well. So the decision was made. My [aim in] 2016 was to be fully present in every moment to give and gain 100%.”


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In day-to-day life, being present means cultivating that in a few deliberate, decisive ways.

“Every morning I physically write a to-do list and I focus at one task at a time,” she explains. “[Another] helpful hint: put your phone face down and on silent to eliminate distractions.”

It’s these simple steps that contribute to the feeling that she’s really managing her work load, not just doing the minimum to get tasks across the line.

“I’m able to start and finish tasks knowing that I won’t have to revise them due to distractions [which means] no more triple handling.”

Taking her drive to expand in 2016, Bianca made the decision to take her Sporteluxe brand into the Asia Pacific and American markets and although it was “daunting,” she tackled the challenge head on by realising the task was simply a sum of smaller tasks – that way, it was more manageable. That’s where that physically written to-do list came in handy.

“Never be afraid to think big,” she stresses. And never be afraid to switch off when you need it, too.



What’s your word for 2016? Time to pick it up, dust it off and share it around to keep yourself accountable. Now, go!

Bridget de Maine

Staff Writer Collective Hub


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