Cover Star Iris Apfel Proves Age is No Barrier


Issue 32 is on shelves now.

Photo via @woodandluxe

If you’ve ever thought it was too late (or too early) to tackle that bucket list, Issue 32 will make you think again.

Our 32nd issue is about subverting expectation: age is never a factor for our cover star Iris Apfel who, at 94, is one of the biggest names in fashion and despite her age, she’s nowhere near done with her ambitions. “I’ve never retired,” she tells Collective Hub, “I think retirement is a fate worse than death.”

But Iris is just one example of the innovators of all ages that feature in our latest issue. There’s Daphne Self, the 87 year-old model who gave up starring in ads for stair lifts for Dolce and Gabbana campaigns, along with 6 year-old photographer Hawkeye Huey who already has a book of his own photography, edited by his kindergarten school pals. Read about the inspirational Loongkoonan, who only picked up her paintbrush at age 95 and now, at 105, she’s having her work displayed internationally.

What our issue proves is that age is never a barrier to achieving aspirations – in fact, it can work to your advantage and that is all down to perspective. To get you started, see Isabel Allende’s TED Talk on living passionately, no matter what your age. For a month (and more) of inspiration to live your dreams non matter your age, pick up Issue 32.



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