Tech Frontrunner Slack Opens Their First Australian Office


And we got a peek inside.


The company responsible for fastest growing business application in history needs to have an office that fits their innovative profile and now it does.

Slack, the San Francisco-based tech company responsible for the in-office messenger service that’s sweeping the world (even Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull wants to use it in cabinet) opened offices today in Melbourne – the first Australian outpost after the other international additions in Vancouver, British Colombia and Dublin.

The opening of their first Australian office heralds a new global base for the rapidly growing tech company which is now being used by a staggering 2.3 million people on a daily basis which, considering it only opened in February 2014 gives more than an indication of how pervasive the service is (and is set to become).

“We chose Melbourne because the temperament, diversity and creativity makes us feel very much at home,” Slack CEO and cofounder Stewart Butterfield told the crowd at the office opening this morning. “It’s a great city to walk around. A great vibe, people are friendly, it’s interesting and there is an emphasis on craftsmanship here that is something we relate to.”


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And in true, tech company-style, the offices are just as modern and envy-enducing as you’d expect. There are plenty of quirks – Slack’s conference rooms are named after Australian animals that can prove fatal – and perks: the kitchen is choc-full of snacks and food for staff to create the breakfast of champions as well as abundant with spaces that make work that little more motivating. There are comfy couch like chairs in abundance and there’s even a space dedicated to the merging of work and the watching of football, for example.

“I feel we are arriving at an interesting time for Australia but also a time for us as a species. I have a background in philosophy so occasionally things get a little too grandiose but we are the last generation of human beings to have experienced life both before and after the Internet,” Stewart continues. “It’s not going away. It is a change to us as a species that will continue for generations. And we are very much at the beginning of the cycle.”

And, like their offices, Slack is already ahead of the curve. Take a video tour of the office here.

Bridget de Maine

Staff Writer Collective Hub


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