Listen Up: Hillary Clinton Just Dropped a New Spotify Playlist


Hint: Beyonce, TLC and Missy Elliot make an appearance

Democratic Presidential Candidates Attend Iowa Jefferson-Jackson DinnerImage via Getty


The race for the US presidency is firmly on the boil and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is leading the female charge. It’s no surprise then, when it came time for a new addition to The Official Hillary 2016 Playlist, the 68 year-old curated a female-only collection that rivals any Saturday night list you’ve got on rotation.

To celebrate Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, Hillary got her best girlfriends together (Beyonce, Lauryn Hill and HAIM, to name a few) in a new Spotify playlist and, judging by the additions, we’re guessing this is Hil’s ‘go-get-’em’ playlist – which is probably on repeat in her town car before a verbal smackdown with opponents or, as it’s currently referred to: a debate.

Have a listen below:


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