In Conversation: Our Founder Lisa Messenger on Her Personal Passion


Lisa sits down with nine other women for a forum on women's issues to celebrate International Women's Day

In Conversation: Our Founder Lisa Messenger on Her Personal Passion

All photos by Lyndal Irons

As chief commissioner of the Greater Sydney Commission, Lucy Turnbull, quipped, “When you have a group of dynamic women around a table, interesting things will always happen.” And with David Jones’ ‘Women in Conversation’ series, that’s exactly what happened.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Australian retail giant David Jones gathered 19 women, including Collective Hub‘s Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Lisa Messenger, from a range of industries and backgrounds to discuss the issues that matter to modern women.

Seated at a table with industry leaders like Jessica Rowe, Jesinta Campbell, Christine Mansfield, Mary Coustas, Lisa was part of the conversation that covered everything from motherhood to self-identity and the meaning of ambition.

Speaking candidly and openly about her journey to motherhood and the driving force behind the creation of Collective Hub, our inspirational editor was, as ever, a leader in thought and discussion.

“When I was on the other side of the media, people would always ask me the same old question and I could give the same old story,” she explained. “And what I realised was, that’s not real and that’s not what goes on, so I’ve made it my life’s purpose at Collective Hub to dig behind the scenes as much as possible and really tell the story behind the story.”

“If I can just use myself as some sort of weird architect and conduit, and deal with a whole lot of issues,” she added, “whether it be mental illness, or all sorts of other things that we cover, then that’s kind of my passion.”

We here at Collective Hub are proud to be a part of that passion.