A Wellness Expert on the Power of Saying No


The multi-talented Cassie Mendoza-Jones gives us her top 5 tips on how to make wellness a priority in business

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She’s a naturopath, kinesiologist, nutritionist, Hay House author, founder of Elevate Vitality, blogger, speaker and creator of online course ‘The Business Guide for Solo Wellness Entrepreneurs’ so it’s little wonder Cassie Mendoza-Jones knows what it’s like to have a lot on her plate.

“I always have to be careful to watch my energy during busy clients times or busy creative times,” the wellbeing expert explains.

The proof is in the pudding when it comes to this Sydney-based multi-tasker: she’s got a thriving wellness business and has learnt her own lessons about how to make wellbeing and success run parallel.


Here, she gives us 5 ways to make wellness and success work alongside each other.


Do one thing at a time (but give yourself double the amount of time to do it).

“If I’m working on a project (like my book, You Are Enough, released April 2016), or online courses or resources then I try block out most of the day to really focus on this.

One of the most important things I’ve also learnt is to give yourself twice as much time to do everything! [For example], if you think you can plan a launch in a month, give yourself two months. If you think the membership site can be developed in two months, give yourself three or four.”


Take time to reward yourself.

“Time seems to speed up before launches and slow down during a launch – or at least it feels so much slower if you’re watching your inbox and waiting for sign-ups!

That’s why I now always plan super fun things for myself during launches. Last launch, I sent myself flowers on launch day with a note that said “Dear Cass, Congrats for launch day! You got this. Have fun. Let it go. Love, Cass x.”

I also get massages, go out for lunches, do lots of yoga, and get a mid-week manicure. Just because.”


Learn to share the load.

“Find a lovely human who loves doing what you don’t love doing, and pay them to help you. While I think it’s important to be across everything in your business, you don’t need to be the one doing everything in your business.”


Remember that ‘no’ is not a dirty word.

“I learnt how to say no; very nicely, and very often. What a blessing that word is to an entrepreneur.”


Believe and trust in your abilities.

“I see a lot of fear and lack of trust and self-belief [in my clients], as well as overcomplicating things, feeling overwhelmed and a constant sense of not doing enough and finding it hard to set boundaries and say no, which ultimately leads to being more overwhelmed, resentment and burnout.

“[For me], I think there were many small difficult decisions during the creation, development and launch of my Heartfelt Harmony Society. And when I say difficult, it’s more that the whole project was a challenge and there was so much for me to take on with upgrading the entire back-end of my business while also writing, creating, project managing and more. But I had to keep trusting, trusting, trusting.”


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