5 Reasons Your Business Should Be On Snapchat


With Elizabeth Abegg, co-owner (and social media guru) of Spell & The Gypsy Collective

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“People keep asking me ‘what’s with Snapchat? Should I really be on it? Isn’t it for like… 15 year olds?” As someone that runs a successful business, my answer is always the same: “Trust me, you should be on it!”

Then, I give my spiel. Sometimes they’re convinced and start an account (tick! At least they’re catching their Instagram followers who are searching for them!), but often, some still take a while to explore and embrace it. [NB: I’m looking at you Elle Ferguson, who I recently gave my pitch to over lunch in Byron Bay, but who’s wardrobe I’m yet to glimpse on Snapchat]. If you’re freaked by all the weird icons and can’t work out the hieroglyphic interface, you’re not alone – I still don’t get what your ‘trophy case’ is (WTF?) and I’ve never sent or read a private snap, but our snaps are getting upward of 4000 views and I’m loving some of the accounts we’re following. We’re hooked.

So, for those filled with fear and doubt, here are the 5 reasons why you should, without hesitation, get your business an account on Snapchat:



It’s blowing up. You can feel it. I discovered (and got addicted to) Instagram very early on, as you can tell by our 6700+ posts to date. Facebook was boring me and (as wonderful as it was), felt a bit like snail mail – it took a long time to create and a while to circulate. Most of my friends and our customers didn’t know about Instagram when I started @spell_byronbay, but I was instantly intrigued by it and posted like crazy.

I told my husband and swore that it would be the next big thing, and slowly, slowly I saw everyone around me falling like bowling pins for this new exciting, revolutionary app. The same thing is happening again with Snapchat. At first the interface is kind of annoying, you don’t really get all the GenZ icons and weird +’s and little ghost symbols, but once you find a few, fun people to follow you suddenly get addicted.



Your parents aren’t on it. Which makes it cooler, obvs.



Seriously, if your parents aren’t on it, it’s probably still emerging as a platform and that means that people are still working out how the hell to use it to it’s potential. So there’s still a lot of room to be a gamechanger. It means that you (or your brand) can be breaking down barriers and defining new frontiers when it comes to social media. Check out New York based @acerealproduction, they’ve become (according to them) the first Snapchat production studio, and have been working with top bloggers like @weworewhat to bring her eager followers fresh, ground-breaking live content.

In lieu of a function that allows actual interaction with your followers, brands and bloggers have started using the ‘screengrab’ function to allow their followers to talk to them. Think: ‘Do you love this new flavour? Screengrab to vote YES!’ (Imagine a fashion blogger saying “I don’t know which boots to wear, screen grab your fave pair to cast your vote!” It engages their followers, not to mention allows measurable stats to take back to sponsors in the form of number of screengrabs or views.



Instagram, which used to be ‘take a pic, add your in-app filter and post’ is now more often than not, take a pic with an SLR camera, grade it in Photoshop, liquefy your hips and stretch your legs, filter it in VSCOcam and post, three weeks later. It’s still epic (we love it!) but it’s not instant or particularly authentic. And to be honest, it doesn’t give us that voyeuristic buzz it used to. But Snapchat does, there’s no way to make yourself thinner or blemish free (thank god), or post something a few days after it happened – it’s just NOW. So it’s a pretty raw, authentic (with a shaky-cam and all) view into the lives of bloggers, brands, friends and celebs that we otherwise wouldn’t get.



People love BTS. Some of our most popular blog posts to date have been the ‘behind the scenes’ view into the world at Spell. So we already knew our customers and readers loved BTS. So, for us Snapchat is the quickest and best way of giving our customers what they love, which is a sneak peek into the magic behind the magic (so to speak).

Personally, I’d die to see the inside of Zimmermann’s design room, or a marketing meeting at One Teaspoon, or the set of For Love & Lemons latest campaign shoot in real time. I’d also love to see my fave blogger choosing her outfits in the morning (rather than just the perfect outfit shot they post on Instagram) and the fly-on-the-wall list goes on.



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