5 Artists You Should Be Following on Instagram


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Most Instagram feeds are packed with our favourite fashion influencers and food stylists but  we think it’s time to expand our following to the art world. Instagram is bursting with a wealth of inspirational and original content  from photographers, painters and graphic designers so, to get you started, we’ve gathered five artists from around the world we think are worthy of a few likes to add to your Instagram feed. Because seeing it on your screen is the next best thing to having it in your home. 



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If you like clean lines, you’ll want to know about Material Lust. Self-professed “artists masquerading as designers,” New York based Lauren Larson and Christian Lopez Swafford’s collections – most recently, Geometry is God and Fictional Furniture – are at once sinister and high-end. We dare you to stop looking.



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Endlessly classier than the selfie (apologies Kim Kardashian West) is the self-portrait and 20-year-old newcomer from Cape Town, Tony Gum, is at the top of this game. Her feed is a gorgeously curated stream of Wes Anderson’s colour pallet, and what she’s done with a couple of Coke cans has made us (and Vogue) thirsty.



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Chinese born, Canadian raised, Los Angeles based illustrator Ming Ong’s work is misleading in the best way possible. At first glance, sweet, innocent illustrations of children and animals, things take a sharp left turn into the dark and dangerous when you look a little closer. Tiny tots wielding chainsaws, pig-faced girls. It’s the perfect mix of cute and creepy.




There’s something so satisfying about a good mash-up and Stephen McMennamy’s “Combophotos” may just be the best we’ve ever seen. The USA based artist/art director shoots each image himself before splicing them together. Clever, fun and an absolute delight to scroll through.




Bright, bold and geometric: London-based graphic designer Camille reminds us that while black is always the new black, there’s something very intoxicating about colour, especially when it’s altogether in one, fabulous explosion.



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