Here’s What Airbnb’s New Sydney Office Looks Like


A secret meeting room hidden behind a bookcase is just the beginning

Here’s What Airbnb’s New Sydney Office Looks Like

Photography: James Horan

It’s hard not to be whisked away to another world just from the sight of an off-the-grid Airbnb listing. Following the lead of the San Francisco headquarters, the new Sydney Airbnb office takes this same inspired approach to the bricks and mortar of their brand with interiors as diverse as the 34,000 cities listed on their rent-a-space database.

“At Airbnb we want to create the sense of travel when we welcome people into our office,” Australian Country Manager Sam McDonagh explains. “Simply having photos of listings and far off places is not enough, we want our employees and guests to experience the feeling you get when you travel. Our Sydney office not only celebrates our global community, but also lets everyone who visits them truly experience a different place.”

Created by Sydney design firm The Bold Collective, the new interiors are designed in the likeness of actual AirBnb listings – a concept first championed in the San Francisco office. Staff were given the choice of their favourite listings and as a result, a Havana dining room, a Swedish sitting room and a kitchen by Sydney’s Coogee Pavilion are all part of the inspired Surry Hills-based interiors.

The famed, quirky touches of other international offices are still integrated throughout this Sydney counterpart too – there’s an AFL pitch leading employees and guests from the lifts and the Cuba room has a hidden entrance behind a swinging bookcase.

It’s all part of a holistic approach to the creative, design-focused AirBnb ethos.

“Our new Sydney office captures what we value as a company: creativity, travel, and thoughtful design,” Australian Country Manager Sam McDonagh explains. “At the core of Airbnb is the connection between people and spaces, and we have created a unique layout that inspires our employees to move around and work from where ever they want.”